Bacteria that cause gum disease are hard to get rid of. These bacteria attach themselves to your roots and gums with a sticky substance that coats the bacteria and makes it difficult to remove them and difficult for antibiotics to reach them. Periodontal gum disease is the most common cause of bad breath, bleeding gums, receding gums, loss of the bone that supports the teeth and eventual loss of teeth.

Many of our patients have been using the PerioProtect method of periodontal disease treatment. PerioProtect is a revolutionary way to treat periodontal gum disease effectively and easily. It provides the missing link for delivering tried and true medications into gum crevices and periodontal pockets.

The problem has always been twofold: the inability to reach the bottom of gum pockets with home care hygiene tools and techniques, and the difficulty in keeping those medications in the pocket for sufficient time for them to work. The PerioProtect method overcomes both these difficulties. It features a very comfortable soft tray worn over your teeth for a few minutes a day. We usually recommend wearing the trays while showering. Patients prefer this system because it does not add time to their daily routines. The tray brings specific medications into the gum crevices and pockets – right to the bottom – and seals it in there. The appliance is clear, flexible and very easy to use. It is incredibly effective. The antimicrobial (Periogel™ ) is forced under the gums – right at the source of the problem – in places that you usually can’t reach with your toothbrush, WaterPik™ or dental floss. This gel attacks the bacteria that cause the infection. The treatment doesn’t exactly disinfect the mouth, but rather makes it “uncomfortable” for the “bad” anaerobic bacteria and lets the “healthy” bacteria take over.

This simple and comfortable method makes normal brushing and flossing much more effective. The bacteria that destroy and damage your gums and bone prefer an environment with little or no oxygen. This is why they hide in the deep crevices called “gum pockets.” Rinsing with a peroxide rinse is good, but the rinse cannot get down into deep gum pockets. Even if you could get the peroxide rinse into the pocket – it cannot stay there long enough to be effective. By putting peroxide gel into the tray and leaving the trays in the mouth for 5-10 minutes, the oxygenating peroxide gel is forced into the crevices, flooding the gum pockets with oxygen. The bacteria are then forced out of the deep gum pockets, and new bacteria have difficulty growing. Bacterial plaque usually clusters in sticky masses called biofilm. This sticky film covers the bacteria and makes them difficult to remove. The peroxide gel is effective at dissolving the biofilm and allowing the oxygenating effects to kill the bacteria. Even in advanced cases, the trays and oxygenating gel can often help heal the gums without surgery. Ultimately, the treatment greatly minimizes tartar buildup and can make your mouth cleaner, fresher and healthier than it has ever been. On top of that, studies have shown that controlling periodontal bacteria improves and prevents heart problems, stroke, diabetes and lung disease.


• Aids in reducing damaging bacteria – helping to decrease the host inflammation

• Reduces harmful bacteria, thus eliminating bad breath

• Heals gums, thus stopping bleeding and swelling

• Works without discomfort or pain

• Tastes reasonably pleasant