Bike lanes designed to make cycling safer, have become crammed with double-parked cars and pedestrians according to a survey conducted by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s office. The report found that 19 cops blocked bike lanes during 22 hours of observation, and 16 other city vehicles – including at least one school bus – also blocked the bike lanes for extended periods. Stringer’s staff observed 11 bike lanes during rush hours on weekdays, and counted 1,700 safety violations. Only two summonses were issued during that time. The observers counted 242 bikes going the wrong way, 237 bikes riding through red lights, and 741 pedestrians standing in the marked lanes. Additionally, 77 bikers were forced to swerve to avoid swinging car doors from passengers getting in and out of cars, especially cabs. Stringer is pushing for stricter safety measures, including better signs, a taxi rider awareness campaign, and increased enforcement with police or parking agents on bikes.