On a hot, summer Sunday afternoon, David and Chana Shamah were shaken to the core of their souls.
The day started out like many other summer Sundays, with the Flatbush natives basking in the warmth of the sun and swimming in the backyard pool of their Monsey summer-home.  But unlike other days, the unimaginable occurred. As they were preparing to go back into the house, they realized that one child was missing. Two-year-old Isaac was nowhere to be found. They quickly looked into the pool, and, to their horror, they saw him lying face down in the water. Without a second thought, someone jumped in and pulled him to safety. But the crisis was far from over. Isaac was rushed in critical condition to Good Samaritan Hospital and subsequently airlifted to Westchester Medical Center. 
With a bevy of urgent medical and logistical decisions to make, the Shamahs could easily have felt overwhelmed. But then, Rabbi Simon Lauber and Rabbi Aaron Reiner of Bikur Cholim – Partners in Health were contacted, and in no time the wheels were set in motion. Bikur Cholim worked to ensure that Isaac received the best medical care and intervention, with Rabbi Reiner serving as the medical liaison and Rabbi Lauber providing the much needed hizuk (emotional support) to the family. Amid the dizzying flurry of activity that took place over the next few days, the Shamahs relied upon the around-the-clock support and advice that Bikur Cholim provided. A myriad of services were activated, from transportation and freshly cooked meals, to conferring with doctors. Bikur Cholim was there at their side at every step during this very difficult ordeal. 
Thank Gd, little Isaac has made a full recovery. As an expression of hakarat hatov (gratitude) to Bikur Cholim for all their help, and as a testimonial to their great efforts in providing both physical and emotional support at a time of their greatest need, David and Chana Shamah will be accepting the Friends of Bikur Holim Award at the 28th Annual Bikur Cholim Dinner.
Although situated in Monsey, Bikur Holim offers its services and programs to people well beyond Rockland County, reaching out to communities throughout NY, NJ and around the world.
“The work they do is indescribable,” David recounts. “We could not have pulled through this without the amazing dedication and vital medical-related services that Bikur Cholim provides. We therefore urge our fellow community members to support this great organization that is available to help all of Kelal Yisrael in need.”
David Shamah, son of Mr. Irwin Shamah, is a warm and outgoing personality, dedicated to Torah learning. He has studied in Ateret Torah, Lakewood East and presently learns in Keter Sion. He also teaches evening classes at the Avenue J Torah Center.
The Dinner will take place on November 15th at the Atrium Plaza in Monsey. For more information please contact Bikur Cholim – Partners in Health at 845-425-7877 ext.555 or visit their website at www.bikurcholim.org.