If you’ve never bleached your teeth, listen to this. Even If you have bleached your teeth before, read on, because it may be time to brighten up your smile.

My patients are demanding. They demand easier, faster and better ways to get their teeth whiter. Research has shown that when it comes to
at-home bleaching, the first half hour gives you about 70% of the results and the next hour yields the remaining 30%. What that means is that after the first 90 minutes, there’s very minimal bleaching happening. By extension, you really don’t gain anything by sleeping with your bleaching trays. In fact, you can actually get great results by bleaching for half an hour while you take a shower and get dressed. If you really want to see improvement in a few days’ time, bleach twice a day for half an hour.

Today, there is no excuse not to have whiter teeth. Get started NOW. You’ll feel better about yourself and about your smile.

four options
you can pursue when it comes to bleaching your teeth

Custom Trays–The most popular and very effective method is the use of carbamide peroxide gel in custom trays. With custom bleaching trays you will be able to really maximize your whitening. The trays are put on for about an hour a day. The cost is $200 for a custom fitting and enough gel for 7-10 days of usage. If you decide that you want to use the bleaching gel again, you can always pick up more bleaching gel and repeat the process.


“White Strips”– These are a great way to test the world of whiter teeth with a very small investment. Mostwhitening stripsare made out of polyethylene, which is a thin, elastic type of plastic. The plastic is coated with peroxide and certain types ofstripscontain more than others. Apply thestripsto your teeth according to the package directions, so that the peroxide comes into contact with your enamel. We have a $25 kit containing
28 strips – enough to last our patients 14 days.


One Hour In-Office Power Bleaching– An independent dental research organization has been testing bleaching systems for 15 years. They recommend this two-step process to “jump start” your home bleaching. Even though you will see great results from your one hour visit to our office, maximize the results with 7-10 days of home bleaching for a more long-lasting result.


One Hour of At-Home Bleaching– This has been a real breakthrough for those with sensitive teeth who have not been able to enjoy the benefits of whitening them. None of the patients who used this system experienced any sensitivity after the fact. Even better, patients saw their teeth turn an average of 5 tooth shades whiter when the process was over.