It costs $2.25 to take the bus – but if you are caught driving your car in a bus lane, it could cost you up to $150. The MTA has partnered with the New York City Department of Transportation to speed up bus service by improving bus lane markings and signage, using on-the-spot ticketing, and deploying cameras along highly congested select bus service corridors. The goal, says the city and the MTA, is to make commuting for the MTA’s 2.8 million daily bus riders smoother. As of November 22, bus lanes on First and Second avenues are being monitored by video cameras full-time. If caught on camera driving in a bus lane during restricted hours, drivers could be fined between $115 and $150. Loading or unloading in the lanes during posted hours is also restricted but it is permissible to drop off or pick up a passenger by the curb if it is done quickly. A similar automated enforcement system in Londonis credited with improving bus speeds by12.6 percent.