Business is not doing as well as it should be these days. Unfortunately, some companies are losing money faster than the speed of light. But when people feel like they have nothing more to lose, little bursts of creative genius shine through.

People from all over the world are coming up with new – albeit strange – business ideas that are soaring and defying recent economic trends. From crazy ways to lose weight and get in shape, to looking sharp at work in sweats, these wild, yet successful enterprises will blow your mind.


Jason Sadler, known as The T-Shirt Guy, had a genuine love for marketing. He decided to become a walking advertisement to anyone who would pay him to wear their t-shirt for a day. He now calls the company “the world’s first human advertising network.” IWYS (iWearYourShirt) has grossed over $1 million in two years! The company is now closed “for Jason’s retirement,” but Jason offers creative marketing advice to ambitious entrepreneurs.


Every day, thousands of used boxes are tossed in the garbage or recycling bin, and new ones are purchased for moving and storing. BoxCycle is an innovative website where individuals can buy and sell used boxes for great prices. By simply entering a zip code, buyers are given a list of sellers in that area selling boxes starting at
38 cents each. is environmentally friendly, as well as practical.

Rent the Chicken

Not sure if you have what it takes to raise a chicken coop? No problem! Rent the Chicken is a company designed by a couple in Pennsylvania for those who want a chicken, but aren’t sure if they’re ready for the commitment. For $350, they will give you two hens, a coop, a supply of food, and a water dish. The rent period is from May to November. But don’t worry. Mr. Tompkins, founder of Rent the Chicken, says he “allows people to chicken out if they don’t want thechickens.”

BetaBrand Dress
Pant Sweatpants

Every day is Casual Friday when you’re wearing BetaBrand’s Dress Pant Sweatpants. They look and fit exactly like suit pants, but they’re made of soft terry cloth. They have a zipper and back welt pockets with buttons. The pockets come with a pin stripe lining for a polished look. The company had a $1.3 million series A Round, making only
4-6 designs per month! Cozy never looked so good.


Debbie Weiner is not a slob… but she married one, and then gave birth to two. She decided to come up with Slobproof!, a company designed with slobs in mind. The stain-proof, moisture-proof, odor-proof, everything-proof furniture combines “the common sense of a Jewish Mother with the muscle of a professional wrestler.”
offers a wide range of seating products that are tasteful, luxurious, and, best of all – virtually indestructible with a lifetime guarantee!

If you ever thought to yourself, “I could do that!” then these wacky, silly, million-dollar ideas are proof that you can. All you need is a little creativity. Don’t doubt yourself! Run with it. You may be surprised once you find your niche.