At Yeshivat Shaare Torah, the timeless adage of “Hanoch lena’ar al pi darko – Educate a child in a manner appropriate for him” – is not just a catchy phrase, but a reality. The yeshiva’s administration and faculty is committed to ensuring that no child is left behind, and that each and every student is given the tools he needs to progress throughout his years of study at Shaare and beyond. Their “Child Study Team,” consisting of experienced administrators, dynamic rabbis, skilled homeroom teachers, a professional psychologist and highly trained resource staff, work together to assess and monitor each child’s strengths and weaknesses, to guarantee that he receives precisely what he needs to succeed. Differentiated instruction and advanced enrichment instruction give the students the opportunity to learn in the environment that best suits them and thus maximize their potential.

Under the guidance of its esteemed Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Hillel Haber, Shaare has pioneered an educational outlook and program that educates students in a manner that ensures their Torah education will remain with them throughout their lives. Rabbi David Sutton, enrichment coordinator at Shaare, has instituted a new Humash curriculum whereby the children master the Biblical nouns, verbs, prefixes and suffixes in isolation, so they can read and understand the text independently. Rather than being fed the translation, first graders learn to break down the pesukim word by word, on their own. This fascinating new method is truly a sight to behold in the classroom, and a testament to Shaare’s commitment to excellence.

It was with great pride and enthusiasm that the success of this new program was celebrated on January 1st, at the first grade boys’ Humash Presentation. Parents and grandparents were warmly greeted by the menahel, Rabbi Amram Kuessous, and ushered into the festively adorned Bet Midrash to share in the excitement of this momentous occasion.

Once all the guests took their seats, the stars of the day arrived. Smiling from ear to ear, bedecked in bowties and cumber bunds, the adorable first grade boys marched in to the beat of a lively tune. Their faces shone and radiated sheer joy as they displayed the accomplishments of their first few months in kitta aleph. The songs, sweetly sung, touched the heart, and the skill and confidence with which they translated the pesukim of the Humash demonstrated for all to see the success of their education and the promising future awaiting these budding young scholars.

After the boys’ presentation, the crowd was honored to hear an address from the esteemed Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Haber, who extolled the tremendous value and purity of the Torah learning of young children, and emphasized how precious it is in Hashem’s eyes. Each boy was then called up, together with his father, to receive his first Humash directly from the Rosh Yeshiva. Minutes later, fathers and sons sat and learned together from the newly acquired books.

Under the tutelage of their beloved and devoted rebbeim, Rabbi Yosef Faham and Rabbi Yitzchak Sananes, these first graders have now begun their exciting and rewarding journey along the path of Torah, imbued with a genuine love for the Word of Hashem and equipped with the skills to continue growing and advancing in Torah study.

Shaare Torah invites parents to come visit the yeshiva and witness firsthand the success of this groundbreaking approach to Torah education. To schedule a private tour, please call Shaare at 718-339-9752.