Some 150,000 New York City adult smokers who live with children, allow smoking at home, putting the youngsters at risk for asthma, ear infections, bronchitis and cancer. According to recently released research from the city’s Health Department, more than half of all smokers allow smoking within the home. The findings have prompted the Health Department to embark upon a new ad campaign, titled, Don’t Raise a Secondhand-Smoke Kid, to inform parents of the risks of secondhand smoke. Television ads show how smoke can raise a child’s risk of short and long-term illness, and urge smokers to quit. About 119,000 children in the city, age 12 and under, live in a home where someone smokes. Suggestions for protecting kids from secondhand smoke include asking people not to smoke near children even when outdoors, not allowing smoking in your car, and making the entire house smoke-free, and not just certain rooms.