In the fall of 2012, Magen David Yeshivah High School welcomed a student who transferred after his freshman year. Eddie Mamiye was part of a small group of kids who were beginning their Magen David careers in their sophomore year, excited to be given a clean slate. And after an injury-ridden hockey season at his old school, Eddie was eager to move on.

Eddie jumped off to an incredible start in his first season as a Magen David Warrior. In one of his most exciting and memorable moments of the season, Eddie scored a hat trick (three goals in one game) in his first game against his former team, the YDE Thunder. The game featured many of his former teammates, and Eddie gave them a reason to remember him. The Magen David hockey team hadn’t been so strong in the previous years, but Eddie Mamiye brought a feeling of hope and change.

Eddie continued to thrive, and was offered a spot on the Varsity roster halfway through the season. He gladly accepted, thrilled and yet nervous at his new opportunity. Eddie helped build the team during his years as a hockey player and mentor, and this year he has been named Captain of the MDY Warrior Varsity Team.

“For me, being captain of the team is a great honor,” Eddie said. “I love mentoring other players and helping them become better all-around hockey competitors. What I enjoy most is that I get to play with others that love the game as well, and I get the privilege to act as a guide to younger players.”

This year is Eddie Mamiye’s last as a Magen David Warrior. It’s also his last chance at finally raising the cup for his team. No Warrior has ever done it, and as captain, Eddie knows what the stakes are.

“Of course I would like to take home the cup for my team,” Eddie laughed. “That’s every kid’s dream, isn’t it? Still, knowing that it’s my final year as Warrior, I would like for my teammates and myself to put their A-game on, and know that even if we don’t win it all, we still put our best effort. We still feel accomplished.”

“Eddie’s an amazing teammate to be able to play with,” teammate Joe Sasson added. “He’s a competitor. He plays to his fullest potential, and he’s not afraid to challenge anyone. Eddie motivates the people around him, whether they’re players or just fans. He does everything to make the team win.”

Even with all of this focus on the hockey team, Eddie nevertheless understands it’s not eternal. When asked about his plans for the future, he replied, “As I prepare for my future, I hope to be able to attend a good college. I still haven’t decided where yet, as I’m not sure exactly what profession I would like to pursue, but I have a deep interest in psychology and marketing.”

Wherever Eddie winds up, we are confident that with his never-say-die attitude and his intense work ethic, he will be very successful in any profession he chooses.

So, it is with great pleasure that we name Eddie Mamiye as this month’s Sportsman of the Month. Congrats Eddie!

Written by Ralph Shweky, Senior at Magen David
High School and fellow MDY Hockey Warrior.