Fathers and sons joined Rabbi Eliezer Zeytouneh for a special evening of learning, prizes and pizza on February 18th, Mossa’ei Shabbat Mevarchim of hodesh Adar.

The special program was held in Bnei Shelomo V’Yaffa synagogue on 2250 East 13th Street, with the purpose of engaging the men and boys in extra learning. The boys competed with each other to answer complex Torah questions directed by Rabbi Abie Elbaz. Raffle tickets were awarded to the boys with successful answers. Meanwhile, the fathers joined Rabbi Zeytouneh for a deep analysis of a Gemara in Masechet Ta’anit. At the end of the evening, the prizes were raffled off, fresh pizza was served, and both the fathers and their sons left with a spirited smile.

To find out more about special programs in Bnei Shelomo V’Yaffa, call 917-613-0096.