Our children spend many hours a day in school, where they are immersed in both Jewish and secular knowledge. Unfortunately, many of the secular curriculum textbooks used in our schools include content, messages, and photos that conflict with our essential Torah values.

Teachers, educators, and parents have complained for years about the problematic material found in the secular studies curriculum. Indeed, many gedolim have warned against the spiritual dangers and pitfalls that challenge our children when they are exposed to basic elementary science and history text books that are inappropriate.

Many text books and curriculum contain material that is very troubling from the frumperspective. Textbook issues may include kefira, inappropriate diagrams and topics, content that proclaims humans and animals are no different, or implications that Gd is limited in His power. When these ideas and pictures are presented to our youth in an unfiltered fashion, it exposes their neshamotto influences and ideas that are antithetical to Judaism.

Most parents are rightfully concerned when an inappropriate book comes into the house, and they should be equally, if not more, concerned when these offensive books are read in our yeshivot.

Parents invest a lot of time and money to provide their children with a proper Jewish education. And yet, unwittingly, their children may bring home books that undermine the ethics and values of a Jewish home. Education, after all, should be all about knowledge and critical thinking – not slanted ideas. Instead, some of these secular books are eroding the most basic tenets of our Jewish faith.

For decades, many yeshivot chose to deal with this dilemma by omitting science education altogether. But eliminating science education does not have to be an option.

Finally – There is a Solution

Responding to this pressing need, Curriculum Options has just published a quality educational science text book for yeshivot that teaches science in a halachicallyand hashkaficallyacceptable way. This new book, Handprints, was introduced at the Torah Umesorah convention in May and has received rave reviews from principals, teachers, and educators nationwide.

Yeshivot depend on quality teaching materials to meet their high educational standards. The new Handprintstextbook is an engaging, full year science program for third and fourth graders. Handprintsjuxtaposes phenomena-based inquiry with hands-on investigation. The book was designed to engage and fascinate the minds of children
as they explore new details of their world.

This new text book covers a wide range of life science topics such as plants,cells, photosynthesis, and ecosystems, and physical science topics such as matter, mass, volume, heat flow, and current electricity. Each topic is comprehensive, cogent, and accompanied by illuminating graphics.

Just as impressive is the fact that Handprintsmeets and exceeds National Science Standards and is endorsed by Torah Umesorah.

For more information, or to order textbooks for your school,
please contact Curriculum Options at curriculumoptions@gmail.com
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