From bagel slicers and knives to griddles and ice creamscoopers, these unique kitchen gadgets make cooking way more fun!

Tirso Standing
Spreader Knife

This balancing knife stays upright and accessible, thanks to its weighted base. Its gravity-defying design removes the need to rest a dirty blade on a plate or counter.

Tidy up your PB&J station, add a touch of ingenuity to the cheese spread at a cocktail party, or make sure no one monopolizes the butter knife at breakfast.

Tirso was designed by IPAC, an 80-year-oldItalian company that specializes in stainless steel kitchenware innovation.


Who doesn’t love a great grilled cheese sandwich? They are so delicious and super simple to make. It’s a win-win. The only downside is the clean-up process, and getting that gooey cheese off everything. Well, this cool and supersimple gadget makes the process even easier – toaster bags.

You basically put your sandwich into the bag and then put it into your toaster. That’s it. No messy clean-up. In addition, they are a few other benefits: you don’t need to use butter so it’s a little healthier, and Toastabags are great for those who require gluten-free diets and other allergy sufferers, as it helps prevents cross food contamination.

Clever Kebab

You can’t go wrong with kebabs when you are hosting a BBQ party with this handy dandy gadget. Clever Kebab is the most effective way to create shish kebabs in just minutes. It’s a multi-functional tool that comes with a built-in lemon juicer and knife sharpener and can be used as a cutting board and a strainer. You can prepare and skewer
16 kebabs in just minutes!

Heat Conducting Scoop

When you’re trying to serve up ice cream straight from the freezer, you may end up doing more chiseling than scooping, or even more waiting than scooping. This innovative scoop conducts your own body heat through the handle and around the rim of the scoop for quick access to your ice cream.

Silver Dollar
Waffle Griddle

There’s just something magical about pancake batter in the shape of waffles! You will love how the butter and syrup pools up inside all of the little grooves. This mini waffle griddle is made of cast aluminum, and is non-stick to make clean up a breeze!

Obol – The Original
Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

If you know someone who hates soggy cereal, this is the ultimate bowl for them! Your puffs go in one side, milk in the other. Dip in your milk for as short or long as you want! Cereal, your way.

Rollie Egg Cooker

The Rollie is an electric egg cooker that basically makes tube-shaped omelets. Just beat your eggs, drop them in the Rollie, turn it on, and you’ll have perfectly shaped eggs for your next breakfast burrito!

Coravin Aerator

The Coravin Aerator, designed exclusively to be used with your Coravin Wine Preservation Opener, is the perfect accessory to enhance the taste of your wine in seconds by mixing the right amount of air with the wine as you pour. Its unique design uses the system’s pressure to force wine through 24 carefully placed and sized holes. By creating small jets that dramatically expand the surface area of wine exposed to air, it rapidly aerates the wine to yield silky, smooth, and aromatic results, equivalent to decanting wine for approximately 60 to 90 minutes. The Coravin Aerator is compatible with all Coravin Systems.

Coravin Model
Two Elite Pro

The Coravin Model Two Elite Pro is the ultimate way for stylish and savvy wine connoisseurs to savor a perfect glass of wine without pulling the cork. It possesses a perfect balance of luxury and technology and offers the opportunity to choose the color that best fits into your space.

Open Sesame Bagel Slicer

What a better way to start your morning than with a touch of magic! The incredible and amazing Open Sesame Bagel Slicer is
just the trick to add to your breakfast routine!

Just place your unsuspecting bagel in the chamber of mystery… say a magic word or two, slice down the center and viola… two half bagels! And nobody got hurt!