After stocking up on all the required items on your teacher’s list, it’s time to check out the fun stuff. These back-to-school items go way beyond your typical pens and pencils, and just might help kids get excited to head back to the classroom.

HP Envy
All-In-One Printer

A key item which should be on every student’s shopping list is a reliable printer – and preferably one with a scanner, too. While libraries will offer printing services, having your own makes life a lot easier for students by allowing them to avoid the queue, meet the last-minute deadlines, and physically edit coursework without needing to stare at a screen for hours. HP’s all-in-one contains a printer, copier and scanner, and won’t break
the bank.

Bronze Times Laptop Backpack

Available in a wide variety of colors, the Bronze Times travel back is a backpack that not only carries school essentials, but also protects valuable devices, such as laptops, with a shockproof fabric. There are two sizes available, so even students who need a little extra room can fit everything in safely.

Veho Pebble Smartstick Portable Charger

A gift students are likely to value are portable chargers, such as the Veho Pebble smartstick. This tiny gadget can be shoved in a bag and forgotten, but when smartphones or tablets run out of juice, they provide a source of power for a charge. This can also be incredibly valuable in cases of emergency.

Lumie Smart

Alarm Clock

Getting up in time for school can be a struggle, and for those who are not morning people, a perfect student gift could be the Lumie smart alarm clock. It looks stylish, but its main benefit is mimicking natural light to slowly wake up sleepers in the morning.

Urban Style Glider
Touchscreen Gloves

A small but handy gift, especially when the weather becomes cooler, Urban Style’s Glider gloves are fashionable and also cater for mobile device use, allowing the wearer to touch, swipe and tap without hinderance.

Livescribe 3 Smartpen

The Livescribe 3 Smartpen is a
digital pen which reduces the time students need to spend rewriting and compiling handwritten notes, and is, therefore, a great tool for study. The pen can be used on smartphones and tablets, both Android and iOS, in order to create notes in a digital format which can then
be synced across the

user’s devices.