In a joint hearing of the City Council’s Public Safety and Transportation Committees last month, Councilman David G. Greenfield demanded swift action to ensure the safety of the New York City Transit Authority’s nearly 4.3 million daily riders.

At the hearing, Greenfield slammed the MTA for “failing in its responsibilities to commuters.” Greenfield pointed out that the MTA is years behind its promise to secure train stations, and the policy of prioritizing stations for cameras would encourage those seeking to attack the transit system to enter the system through unprotected stations. Greenfield demanded of Prendergast that “all train stations be protected with this most basic of security measures.”

Greenfield’s questioning also revealed that the MTA is nowhere near completion of a five year old promise to install equipment to expand cell-service in New York’s subway stations. In his questioning of NYPD Transit Chief Raymond Diaz at the same hearing, Chief Diaz agreed with Greenfield that cell phone service in train stations would improve the security of New Yorkers.

Greenfield’s line of questioning highlighted the MTA’s mismanagement of funds allocated for security improvements. Reflecting on the exchange with Prendergast Greenfield said, “I think we have to focus more on the common sense solutions that will make an immediate impact on the safety of our transit system.”