A highly economical proposal by New York City Councilman David Greenfield could open up about 3,000 new parking spaces around the city and won’t cost tax payers more than a few gallons of paint. In a new bill drafted to help both the Fire Department and motorists, Greenfield proposes painting non-functioning hydrants green so they can be easily identified. Broken hydrants often remain out of order for weeks or even months before they are repaired. By clearly marking the broken hydrants, firefighters won’t waste precious time during a fire trying to connect to a non-functioning hydrant and motorists can park in spaces that were previously off limits. The fire department estimates that at any given time at about 1,000, out of the city’s 109,000, hydrants are inoperative.

Previously, Greenfield also introduced legislation that would clearly mark the 15 foot no parking area around a fire hydrant with red paint.