As technology grows, it seems that convenience has become a necessity in order to keep up with an ever faster-paced world. The one place where time seems to still go slowly is in the kitchen. They say a watched pot never boils, but with the latest in kitchen technology, you won’t even need to be in the kitchen to find out,because the pot will let you know by itself.

SMARTER Coffee Machine

K-Cups are easy, but you know what’s even easier? Making freshly ground coffee, brewed just the way you like it, before you ever get to the kitchen. Smarter has created the world’s first bean to cup, WiFi enabled coffee machine. The device syncs with a free iOS/Android app that, among other things, wakes users with a
pre-scheduled morning cup of coffee, sends a reminder when it needs a refill, and, thanks to a “Welcome Home” mode, can even ask users if they want to start a pot going when arriving at their house.

The carafe that comes with the device can be used for up to
12 cups, and allows for single-mug use, as well.

Watanabe Self-Stirring Pot

Stirring the pot is a necessary part of most hot dishes, but sometimes it can be a laborious chore, especially if you are cooking a complicated meal.Wouldn’t it be great to free up your hands for other things?

Enter the Watanabe Self-Stirring Pot –an ingenious invention that uses the boiling water to do the stirring for you! Simply bring the water to boil, drop your ingredients in, and the grooves in the pot will force the bubbles to rotate as they rise, producing automatic stirring motion.

iGrill Cooking Thermometer

You don’t need to be a master chef to make a good BBQ, but focusing on the grill can be difficult when hosting a party and entertaining. Enter the iGrill.

You insert a probe into the meat that’s sizzling on the grill and, using a free app on your smartphone,monitor the cooking progress while you entertain guests elsewhere. That means you don’t have to stand around the smoky barbecue while the food is cooking. You can mix and mingle, and your smartphone will let you know when the steaks are done. iGrill lets you know how much cooking time is left and alerts you when the optimal temperature is reached.

Taylor Digital
Scale & Measuring Cup

Measuring cups aren’t always easy to read, and getting the measurements just right can be tricky. Want to know exactly when you have 3 oz. of this, 2.5 cups of that, or 20 ml. of something else? The Taylor Digital Scale & Measuring Cup is your new best friend.

It takes the guesswork out of measuring liquid or dry ingredients, and displays it on an easy to read screen built right into the handle. Even better, this multi-use tool has a dual measuring and conversion system, which means if you’re dabbling in recipes which call for grams and milliliters, there’s no need to convert measurements in your head.