Choices and Decisions

Choices – we make them every day, every hour, every second.

Some aren’t easy to make. Below is a list of questions
that many people grapple with when it comes to purchasing a house:

Should I live near my parents and own a small or tiny house that I outgrow even before I move in?

Should I live within 20 minutes walking distance from my family even if I could afford a larger home that’s farther away that my husband likes better?

Should I rent a luxury apartment or just live simpler till we’re ready to buy?

Should I settle on a home with no potential just to say I own something?

Should we buy a fixed-up home with a heftier price tag – or should we just buy a home that needs a complete gut renovation but get exactly what I want after months or years of construction?

Should we sell on our own, without an agent?

My husband wants to list with a real top agent in the community – but I’m not comfortable and want to use my niece…what do we do?

Tips & Suggestions

All these questions are equally important and I’ve had them come up many times in the course of working with others in helping them find/sell their home. I wish I had a one size fits all answer – I don’t. BUT – below are some suggestions:

Set Your Priorities Straight– Have an open discussion and write down the pros and cons of what you’re looking for. Narrow it down and work on finding a middle way.

Be Open-minded– Many times I find that when the wife comes to look at homes, after she’s seen around 20 homes, she brings her husband to see the 21st home. Obviously, the husband will not love the first house that he sees, so I always suggest, even if you never considered a semi-attached home or your husband will only consider a private driveway, be open and look at what the other party is interested in, even if it’s not your number one choice.

Be Alert Keep your eyes and ears open, and keep looking. The more you look, the more the homes will sit with you. I had a couple that I worked with, who said that they would never buy a fully attached home. They were looking in many different neighborhoods. Finally, when a fully attached house came up they decided to just go see it, even though one party was totally against it. They ended up buying it and actually love the house so much! Make a list to divide up for yourself what’s important and what’s not. At the end of the day, keep going to look at homes. The more you see the more experience you’ll get, and you can then make an educated decision.