Some 250 people gathered in Congregation Ohel Simha on Mossa’ei Shabbat, November 12th to celebrate the siyum (completion) of masechet Gittin by the Kollel of the Jersey Shore. Men, women and children joined to show their joy and support for the limud haTorah (Torah study) of these dedicated scholars and their Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Moshe Wadiche, and Roshe Habura, Rabbi Yosef Semah and Rabbi Shaul Pinter.

A beautiful, dairy melaveh malka was catered by Rabbi Joey and Paulette Cohen, and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The special guest speaker, Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky shelita, Rosh Yeshiva of Philadelphia Yeshiva, came to address the audience. He expressed the ideal that a person’s learning is not only beneficial to himself, it also enriches the entire Jewish nation. Therefore, the Rosh Yeshiva explained, a siyum is really a celebration for everyone. He also spoke about the yearning for Mashiah, when we will be better equipped to retain our Torah knowledge.