Marie Torgueman (Professional Organizer & Owner of Hangers Plus)

Our calendars are filled. We’re so busy with our families, friends, work, school, holidays, and many social occasions, B”H. With so much going on you might say, “I’m too busy to stay organized!” Truly everyone CAN stay organized and the busier you are, the more organized you need to be. I must confess that I am not a “neat-freak,” however, I do insist on everything being organized so I don’t get lost in my own space. I always say, “There should be a place for everything and everything should be in its place.”

The thinking goes like this: Imagine a typical morning. You have an early appointment. You woke up on time, but how many things did you have trouble finding before you finally left? Were all of your cosmetics where you needed them? Did you need to look for a new tube of toothpaste or a new bar of soap? Would you have even known where to find one? Did you find your navy shoes and the shirt that just came back from the cleaners last week? Did you have to hunt for that important paper you could have sworn you left on your night stand? Did you grab your fully charged phone, wallet, and car keys without a thought? When you realized it was raining, did you find your raincoat easily and an umbrella handy?  You may think this all seems trivial, but why should anyone waste time looking for their own things in their own space? Often these trivial things lead to lost time, unnecessary frustration, blame or resentment.

Organizing shouldn’t be intimidating. It’s really all about keeping things where they make sense. Once you get used to thinking that way, everything falls into place. Take a look at some of your shelves and drawers. Pull out those items that obviously don’t belong there and place them in a space or location that makes more sense. For example, you wouldn’t store your food in your bedroom, so why would you store all of your electronic chargers in the kitchen cabinet next to your stove? Where you store your things is usually more important than what you store them in. First you need to decide where it all belongs. You can always find a neater, more creative way to store them later.

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Think in categories! Consider yourself shopping in a supermarket. You have a good idea where you would expect to find everything because they categorize everything into sections. Canned foods would be together in one place, baby food and related items in another, and paper goods in another place. Pastas and rice would be separate from cookies and snacks. This system of storing by category is a fundamental way to organize that will help you locate everything quickly and easily.

With everything in its place you’ll be amazed at how a well-organized space can work more smoothly and efficiently, so we can spend more time enjoying the important things in our busy lives.


Organizing Tips:

•      Store coffee, tea, sugar and mugs together in one cabinet to create a hot beverage section (preferably close to the coffee machine or hot water).

•      Don’t waste too much kitchen space for medicine and vitamins. Keep only what you’ll need there daily.

•      Store unpaid bills in one place in order of date due, and check them daily to avoid any missed payments.


Marie Torgueman