1. Most Hats Balanced on Head

Melanie Devoy of the United Kingdom holds the record for the most hats balanced on a head for one minute. She balanced 53 hats on her head at the Hotel Orquidea in Spain.

2.      Tallest Limousine

Built by Gary and Shirley Duval, the tallest limousine measures 10 feet 11 inches from the ground to the roof. It has two separate engines and sits on eight monster-truck tires.

3.      Fastest Dining Room Set

Fast Foodis the name of a drivable dining room set (table and six chairs) that reached a top speed of 113.8 mph. It was invented and driven by Perry Watkins in 2005.

4.      First Sand Hotel

In the summer of 2008, vacationers on Weymouth beach in Dorset, UK were able to spend the night in a hotel entirely made of sand! The sandcastle hotel measured 161 square feet. A family room with a full and single bed was available for only $21 a night.

5.      First Child to be Mailed

A few weeks after the U.S. Postal service was introduced in 1913, an unnamed boy in Ohio was mailed from his parents’ house to his grandparents, just one mile away, for the sum of 15 cents. The practice of mailing children continued throughout 1914 until the Postmaster finally issued an order barring the mailing of human beings via U.S. mail.

6.      Most Successful Chimp on Wall Street

In 1999, a chimpanzee named Raven became the 22nd best money manager in the USA by choosing stocks based on throwing darts at a list of 133 internet companies.

7.      Heaviest Salad

In September 2012, the Kaufland and Salve Club put together a salad weighing a whopping 41,998 pounds at the Exporom exhibition center in Romania.

8.      Largest Dog Biscuit

At more than 2,000 times the size of an average dog treat, a biscuit weighing 617 pounds was baked by Hampshire Pet Products in Joplin, Missouri on July 08, 2011. It was eventually broken up and distributed to the dogs at the Joplin Humane Society.

9.      Most Socks Sorted with One Foot

On June 03, 2012, Yui Okada of Japan folded 11 pairs of socks with one foot, setting a new world record.

10.  Most Expensive LEGO Brick

A 0.9 ounce 4 x 2 LEGO brick crafted from 14-carat gold was sold for $12,500 on December 12, 2012 to an anonymous buyer by Brick Envy, inc., a specialty LEGO collectors Website.

11.  Most Wanted Dog

Agata, a Golden Labrador, had a $10,000 price on her head in 2004, for having detected more than 660 pounds of drugs in Colombia.