The glass breaks and the music plays and the crowd surges forward to say mazel tov to the chattan and kallah. The bar mitzvah bachur finishes his drasha to the acclaim of the guests. Simchas are supposed to be happy occasions, and we wait for the beautiful highlights and emotions.

But the actual experience can be nerve-wracking and frustrating, when you’re juggling the tasks needed to get the simcha off the ground: inviting guests, seating them, and making sure you’ll thank them afterwards.

You need to worry about getting your text to a print shop. If you’re addressing your envelopes, you’ll need to figure out how to align labels on your printer. (How many misprinted sheets have you thrown out?)  You need to deal with the hassles of mailing them: stamping them, licking envelopes, getting piles of invitations to the post office.

But you’re not done. The invitations slowly travel by snail mail to your guests. Hopefully, they’ll receive them, open them, and maybe remember to send back RSVP cards. Those make their way through the postal system. And then comes the mind-numbing chore of opening each envelope and marking down the guests’ choices.

After that, you’ll get out your seating chart, find your list of attendees, and start determining, painstakingly, where everyone goes. Sometimes it feels like the process hasn’t advanced much since the day of the horse-drawn mail wagon. But in fact, today it’s possible to get everything you need done easily, all in one place, with the new innovative service Elegant Evitations.

Your guest list gets entered online, using a simple interface. You send out the invitations, not at the post office, but by pressing Enter on your keyboard, with a choice of numerous uniquely designed and editable invitations. Your guests will receive their invitations immediately, and they can’t misplace them. And RSVPing is easy for them; they do it from their computers.

That guest list isn’t just the basis for the electronic invitations. Elegant Evitations lets you arrange your seating charts, create place cards, and generate thank-you cards for gifts with just the click of a button. You won’t juggle reams of papers and numerous lists; everything is online. No one is left out, forgotten, or hurt because they haven’t received an invitation, a place setting, or a thank you card.

That also means your event is a pleasure for guests. Rather than see a pile of invitations on their kitchen table, they can receive and review your invitation with no hassle. They never lose invitations, which are always available electronically. They won’t forget to attend or where the event will be taking place.

Elegant Evitations provides an online gift registry, so that when they RSVP, they can instantly choose the gift they will be giving to the chattan and kallah. That makes the gift-giving easy for guests and means that the chattan and kallah will likely receive more gifts from those who would like to give but might not attend.

With standard invitations for a moderate-sized wedding costing at least $2,000 and likely much more, the savings using Elegant Evitations is substantial. You can have elegant and exclusive designs that only expensive printed invitations would supply, but with all the control printed invitations never can.

Low cost also means that you can use the elegance and custom features of Elegant Evitations for smaller events, like bar and bat mitzvahs, baby birth events, and engagements, to create a smoother experience and better gift registry.

For those who can’t leave print entirely behind, Elegant Evitations has several options. When you want to use print invitations for all guests, our RSVP service allows you to utilize the digital enhancements of Elegant Evitations, like seating chart creation, place card automation, and thank you card production, to make everything happen easily and the way you want it and also save money. Because the RSVPing happens online, there’s no wait for return cards to come back. You’ll immediately know who is coming, and your seating charts and place cards can be generated from that list. Furthermore, if most of your guests can receive digital invitations but you have a few who require a paper invitation, Elegant Evitations can print them for you.

The modern age has arrived, and it will make your simcha a truly happy one.