A fully operational Jewish women’s emergency mobile medical unit, serviced entirely by women, is expected be in place by late spring 2012. Under the name Ezras Nashim, the independently-run unit will consist of volunteers trained as both EMTs and doulas, or midwives, for emergency childbirths and other urgent medical situations. The initiative has received the blessing of leading rabbis who recognized the benefit of having women attend emergency child births instead of men. After consultations with Hatzalah about the possibility of forming a women’s division within the larger Hatzalah network, it was decided that an independent woman’s group would be better suited to serve the community. Women from across the wide Jewish spectrum have offered to help in many different ways.

When up and running, the group hopes to become a tax-exempt charitable organization, and will be seeking donations from the public to help in day-to-day operations. Over a thousand dollars per volunteer is needed to cover training, insurance, a medical kit and a phone.