In an era where assimilation is an ever growing threat for the Jewish people, JRoot Radio is serving as an important antidote. JRoot Radio is committed to uniting the Jewish community and strengthening the bonds to our common faith. JRoot is a non-profit organization, and is dedicated to introducing the beauty of Jewish beliefs and values to a wide audience. This is done through their pamphlets, lectures (available on CDs and DVDs), websites, and of course, the radio station. The organization even supports needy families in Jewish communities across the globe.

Noted Rabbis and lecturers such as Rabbi Uri Nahum, Rabbi Zamir Cohen, and Charlie Harary have contributed heavily to JROOT radio’s huge success.

Spreading the Word

The JRoot Radio Station is aired internationally, broadcasting music, lectures, and other Jewish oriented programming. Broadcasts are produced in both Hebrew and English.  A wide variety of guest lecturers hail from Israel, America, and beyond. Lectures include lessons on the parasha, shalom bayit, personal growth, child raising, and financial guidance, to name a few. Interactive programming is offered for children and adults.  Listeners call in with questions and may make song requests.

Mr. Sam Gindi is one of the regular speakers on JRoot. Sam is a member of our Syrian-Sephardic Community, and is a longtime congregant at Shaare Zion.   Sam is grateful to have been given the zechut, since 2011, to speak to his Jewish brothers and sisters every Sunday from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. His talks are based on the Torah he’s learned from his rabbi, the illustrious Rav Avigdor Miller, of blessed memory. The core focus of Sam’s program covers the awareness of Gd, and the many easy strategies that can be utilized to strengthen the awareness and relationship between man and his Creator. Listeners agree that the lessons Sam imparts are priceless, and are conveyed in Rabbi Miller’s classic way of analyzing Hashem’s creations and our own bodies.

Variety in Programming

In addition to Sam, there are a variety of other rabbis and educators who inspire people across the globe with the help of JRoot. “Kashrus on the Air” with Rabbi Yosef Wikler, and “Halacha Hour” with Rabbi Uri Nahum are personal favorites of many of the listeners. Other lecturers like Rabbi Zamir Cohen, Dr. Simcha Cohen, and Mr. Charlie Harary have also contributed to the organization’s success. Thousands of their video and audio files have been uploaded to the net for public viewing.

In addition to their digital dissemination of Torah, JRoot also organizes weekend seminars and nightly lectures which are attended by thousands of Jews every year. The seminars, or Shabbatons, are arranged worldwide, and are enhanced by renowned speakers who inspire attendees to increase their level of Jewish observance. Programs include conferences for singles, couples, and families, and are open to Jews of all religious levels.

JRoot has also begun Keren Hana, a food fund which aids local families. Each week money and food donations are received and passed on to numerous needy families within the community.

Get Connected

JRoot runs several websites, including,, and Log on to learn more about their sacred mission!