On May 17th, the Kings Highway Beautification Association held a successful open meeting at the Sephardic Community Center. With over 90 residents, shopkeepers, and district leaders in attendance, the KHBA presented the implications of its vision for everyone present – all of whom stand to benefit from a clean and charming neighborhood.

Co-Presidents Linda Ebani and David J. Hidary kicked off the evening by reciting the longlist of improvements the KHBA has enacted in the neighborhood; the abhorrent odor of street garbage dumpsters, the pervasive graffiti, and the trashy sidewalks are long lost memories now. Councilman David Greenfield and Councilman Mark Treyger, who together represent the span of the Kings Highway/Avenue U/Avenue P corridors, spoke eloquently, acknowledging the KHBA for their leading role in enhancing the neighborhood’s quality of life. Surveys were conducted and an open Q&A session was held so that attendees could voice their thoughts.

Activities also included McDonald Avenue Park refurbishments, lamppost decorations, sidewalk block events, and more. Finally, the program’s keynote speaker, Professor Robert Walsh, spoke passionately about the need for continuous innovation & creativity in order to positively shape this South Brooklyn neighborhood.

At the meeting, Councilman Greenfield made several encouraging announcements. The first was the upcoming reinstatement of the
F express train, an initiative the KHBA has always proudly supported. In addition, plans were announced for NYPD security camera installations along the Kings Highway corridor, between Ocean Parkway and McDonald Ave, a development that will help ensure public safety With the cameras acting asa  tool to quickly catch criminals on tape, the hope is that crime in the area will markedly decrease.
Councilman Mark Treyger, who also spoke at the meeting, noted the great achievements of KHBA since its expansion to the Avenue U
corridor in his district. Here they are in succession: Successful DOT street repaving at KHBA’s urging, 36+ trees planted, tree guard installations, flower plantings, high-end litter baskets, uniform awning installations, sidewalk repairs, merchant partnerships, street cleaning teams and the improvement of the McDonald Ave Park. Thanks to generous community members and widespread public support what was once a neglected city corridor has become an attractive and dynamic space for all to enjoy.

The KHBA envisions a business district and larger community that is clean, safe, and vibrant, both day and night. It seeks to create a district that strikes visitors as a fascinating, well-managed, and well-maintained neighborhood, a microcosm embodying Brooklyn’s richhistory, cultural diversity, and world-class citizens. The KHBA thanks Councilman Greenfield, Councilman Treyger, and former Small Business Services Commissioner, Robert Walsh, for championing urban improvement and inspiring dedication to public service.

The KHBA’s important work is made possible through the generous support of its members and contributors. Please visit their website ¬www.khba.nyc to learn more and join this expanding community through a membership commitment.