Mohel Rabbi Mordechai Mozes

On behalf of the entire Mozes family, I wish to convey a heartfelt “Thank You” for the wonderful and meaningful article which appeared in your magazine last month (Mohel Rabbi Mordechai Mozes – A Model of Service to All Communities). It was an amazingly accurate description of what my father, Rabbi Mordechai Mozes, meant to the community. Please thank the entire staff at Community Magazine for their admirable Torah magazine.

With Deep Appreciation,

Rabbi Boruch Mozes

Free Speech Under Fire on US Campuses

I would like to share my thoughts about the article that appeared in last month’s issue about the lack of free speech on college campuses (Diversity of Opinions Under Fire on U.S. Campuses). When students try to stop people from speaking, it betrays insecurity about their own beliefs. I think many of the students who try to stop conservatives from speaking are afraid their arguments will be lacking. It doesn’t mean that they don’t believe in what they think, it’s just that it is based more on feelings than facts. It is very difficult to argue or debate what you feel to be true when facts don’t bear it out. One example is the topic of securing the border to stop illegal immigration. Stopping illegal immigration is not the same as stopping immigration, but there might as well not be a difference because of how people are taught – or brainwashed – to feel about it.

Eddie P.


I hear and see valid points of view of both sides of the argument about allowing or not allowing certain people to speak in public at universities. That is because free speech certainly has its constitutional limits. You can’t slander, incite a riot, or commit verbal harassment of any kind. I like to think of these limits as enforcing responsibility. But once we get to expressing ideological viewpoints, I’m not sure if free speech can rightly be considered limited. Of course, the line between incendiary views and inciting violence can be incredibly thin; I think this is where the problem lies. How do you distinguish on which side “hate speech” falls?

Ronnie A.

New Real Estate Column

I’m really a huge fan of your new real estate column (Home Is Where the Heart Is). Especially since my husband and I are actively looking to purchase our first house. After looking at some of the houses that are for sale – I strongly recommend to people that are trying to sell their homes to read this column carefully every month. To put it mildly – some of the homes on the market are not so pleasing to the eye (or nose). Last month’s tips for preparing your house for sale had some important tips. Another tip that I would add to the list is to pay attention to the smells in the house. Some of the homes that my husband and I we went to smelled like a fast food restaurant. A “homey” smell like baked cookies or bread will go a long way.

Marsha C.

The Impact of Jeffrey Matut, a”h

The 21st of Tebet marks the second yahrzeit of our beloved Yosef ben Malka, Jeffrey Matut, a”h.  Jeffrey returned to Shamayim at the young age of 2 years old, accomplishing more in those years than most people accomplish in 120 years.

In addition to the amazing tefillot, tehillimhesed, and misvot that were done while Jeffrey was in the hospital, it is astounding to realize how much has continued and is still going strong lilui nishmato two years later.

We thank and acknowledge every person who did or continues to do something, big or small, in Jeffrey’s merit. May all of these merits continue to elevate the pure neshama of Yosef ben Malka, a”h.

Submitted by A. Ades


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No Casino will be built on Coney Island!

I applaud Sam Sutton and the SCF (Sephardic Community Federation) for their efforts and commitment to our community by successfully stopping the gambling casino from coming to Coney Island. Imagine what a disaster we would have had on our hands with a casino right in our own backyard.

While the developers and some politicians thought this was a great idea – this is simply not the case. Proponents think that a casino is a good way to stimulate the economy by bringing money into the hands of local business. But history has proven that this is not true. We must not be fooled into thinking that any form of gambling is a positive action for either an individual or a community.

The pain, suffering and ultimate destruction of people, families, and communities are always the outcome of the dangerous and progressive disease of gambling addiction. It was extremely brave of the SCF to not only speak out, but more importantly, take action and stop a gambling casino from being built on Coney Island. Thank you.

Robin C.


It is bad enough that government officials are telling us how to live our lives (the latest attempt being the banning of large sodas in eateries). The last thing we need is one of our community organizations dictating to us how to live, as well.  We are responsible adults and are capable of making our own decisions. If politicians and the SCF are so concerned that people are unable to make rational decisions, why do they allow bars and night clubs to remain in business? They should be concerned that people may drink excessively which can lead to people driving while intoxicated which can lead to killing innocent pedestrians. Not to mention that by allowing people to drink they are enabling people to become alcoholics. You know what – while we are at it, maybe we should close down all liquor stores!

Of course, I’m not being serious about closing or banning liquor stores and bars – obviously this is an absurd statement to make. It is not a logical way of thinking – but neither is the decision to stop a casino from opening because we don’t think people are responsible enough. Why don’t we just allow adults to make their own decisions?!

Mark S.

Chic Kitchen

I’m a big fan (as well as the rest of my family) of the monthly recipes that appear in the “Chic Kitchen” feature of your magazine. I collect and save all the recipes. I do not have the time (I’m a working woman) to bother with complicated recipes, but I do enjoy serving my family and guests tasty meals with an enticing appearance. The recipes in “Chic Kitchen” are simple, the ingredients are easy to find, and the display is beautiful – what more can a cook ask for? My family is so appreciative of the new and tasty menu that I have been able to whip up. Thank you!

Bridgette T.

Marvels of Creation
Thank you for the impressive article titled ‘Marvels of Creation’ [in the September 2013 issue]. The Rambam teaches that we are commanded to love and fear Hashem. I always thought this was an odd commandment – after all, how can a person be commanded to love Hashem? However, if a person truly observes the world that we live in and contemplates the awesome wonders of creation (as shown in the article), it is pretty difficult not to be in total awe of Hashem’s Greatness. By being aware of the magnificent marvels of creation – one cannot help but totally adore Hashem and admire all of His wonders.
Abe T


In last issue’s Mabrouk! section, many of the Baby Girl announcements were incorrectly placed in the Engagements column. We apologize for the error and for any inconvenience that it may have caused.

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