My Driver Alert, a new Brooklyn-based company, is working to prevent the number one cause of arrests within the religious Jewish community: driving with a suspended license. Ari Elbogen, Vice President of Business Development, notes that many drivers do not know that their licenses are suspended, as notices may be misplaced, forgotten or lost in the mail. Licenses can be suspended for having too many moving violations, failing to pay tickets, fines or child support, driving without insurance, and failure to file an accident report. Someone who is caught driving with a suspended license can be arrested and imprisoned for up to 24 hours. Through the TikHit program, at, which is approved by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, drivers can view their records ($20-30 per report) and be alerted via text or email ($7 per month) if there is any change to the status of their license. Motorists can still always order their license abstract records directly from the state for $10 at Of the 500 license checks run by My Driver Alert in the past few months, over half showed problems with the license in question.