Women Are So Adaptable!

The traditional role of women has been to run the household, care for the children, and provide a beautiful home environment.

Those Responsibilities Are Constant!

Because women have been “CEOs” of their families, the many facets of running a home have evolved into fantastic professional roles for many women in our community.

Caring for their children has inspired women to become teachers and life coaches.

Maintaining a beautiful home has transformed women into professional designers and decorators.

Committing to health and beauty on a personal level has led many women to enter the fields of nutrition, personal training, microblading, hair dressing, and cosmetology.

One of the most impressive community legacies has always been the art of cooking.  A Sephardic household is often synonymous with the incredible edible delicacies that have been handed down from generation to generation. Food helps us to gather together and celebrate life cycle events.  Shabbat dinner is always synonymous with delicious food and family time.  In the last decade many women have taken their culinary talents and created their own brands and businesses to share with a growing consumer population.

Propel supports this growing trend by helping women who are interested in professionalizing their innate talents.

Meet Sabrina, a pastry chef in our community…
Sabrina was overcome with emotion while being interviewed for this article. She recalled how as a child she was already aware of her creative talents. She loved to decorate and bake.

Sabrina’s experience in high school did not support her great talent and passion, and it was often a struggle.  Sabrina’s parents always believed in her, and supported their daughter to pursue her dreams.

Sabrina’s parents thought a career as a sonogram technician would be a good career choice. Upon further reflection, her parents realized that Sabrina’s talents were undeniable, and she went on to pursue her dreams.

Viviane Darwish, Propel’s dedicated Director of Administration and friend of Sabrina’s mother, suggested that Sabrina connect with Ellen Ades, Propel’s dynamic Life and Career Coach.

Sabrina remembers speaking to Ellen for hours. Sabrina recalls the great clarity that Ellen provided.  Sabrina enrolled at the Institute for Culinary Education (ICE), located in Manhattan. She now runs her own successful business, Cakes by Sabrina. Sabrina is excited for her future as a baker. She hopes to expand her business, and perhaps one day own her very own bakery.

From passion to profession, Sabrina is a great role model for other women in our community.  With the help of her parents and Propel’s guidance and support, Sabrina followed her passion and is a working woman busy with a career she loves.

If you are interested in a career, please reach out to PROPEL and we can help you fulfill your professional goals. PROPEL can be contacted at 646-494-0822 | info@thepropelnetwork.org.