Brooklyn residents describe the trench of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway as a “scar” that has been running through the borough for 50 years, separating neighborhoods and adding to air and noise pollution. New developments on the Brooklyn waterfront, including the opening of Bridge Park and the passenger ship terminal, have made dealing with the trench and connecting neighborhoods a priority. Residents and city officials have devised three possible plans to “fix the ditch.” The cheapest plan involves planting 400 trees along the trench to absorb pollution and block the unsightly view, and making traffic changes to slow down traffic on Hicks St. Another plan would add six new pedestrian bridges across the ditch. The most expensive plan would be to cover the entire trench with a latticed steel canopy, covered in vines and solar panels to generate electricity. The project could cost from $10 million to $82 million, depending on which plan is chosen.