The Mitzvah Man organization had humble beginnings. One simple ad was run in community papers offering rides to the doctor and help with errands. The Mitzvah Man began with one man’s vision, and has grown into a cadre of dedicated volunteers.

Here is just one example of how the Mitzvah Man organization stepped in to offer life-changing help. Mr. Z saw the Mitzvah Man’s ad and he phoned immediately. Mr. Z did not have a car, and had four special needs children who he escorted to their doctors’ appointments on public transportation.

Mr. Z asked the volunteer he spoke to if it was possible to schedule rides to the doctor until they were provided by the medical insurance. The volunteer was very touched by this man’s story, and immediately decided that he himself would drive the family.

On the way to the doctor the volunteer noticed how gentle the father was with his challenged family members. The patience the father exhibited was not to be believed. Certainly, the driver thought, this must be a “miracle father.”

The Mitzvah Man volunteer was told that he might have to wait hours for the family to finish the exams. He said he would wait, no matter how long it took. Thankfully, a mere 40 minutes later they emerged from the doctor’s office. The father thanked the Mitzvah Man volunteer profusely, and attributed the calm that the children exhibited at the doctor’s visit to the hesedof the driver. This calmness helped the physical exams to go quickly.

Mr. Z told the volunteer that he had healthy children also, Baruch Hashem. However, caring for so many ill children had been too much for their mother to handle, and she was no longer living at home with the family. This left him as the sole caregiver. The special needs children’s situation deteriorated so much so that a doctor comes to the home to conduct checkups.

When the family’s plight became so difficult, the Mitzvah Man organization made it a point to be a part of this man’s life (as they have done for others in need). They made regular visits to assess what other ways this family could be helped.

The Mitzvah Man noticed that with all the family’s laundry, which Mr. Z deals with on a daily basis, the family was in desperate need of a new washer and dryer.

Mr. Z told this reporter that not only did the Mitzvah Man organization provide the family with a new washer and dryer, but also supervised the installation. Everything is always done happily and quickly.

At the time of our conversation Mr. Z was preparing for his son’s wedding. Of course, certain items were needed, and once again the Mitzvah Man organization of volunteers sprang into action. The Mitzvah Man organization is doing all that it can to help this new couple to begin their life together, to build, b’ezrat Hashem, a bayit ne’eman b’Yisrael, a binyan adei ad, with happiness and hope.