Some 250 restaurants have now completed New York City’s new two-step process for sanitary inspections, and a tally shows that about four out of five of these establishments have earned A or B grades. Nearly half – 48 percent – earned A’s for their sanitary conditions and food safety practices. Another 31 percent received B’s. Just 12 percent of this initial sample received C grades, and 8 percent were ordered to close until they corrected direct health hazards.

Under the new system, any restaurant initially falling short of an A gets a repeat visit within two to three weeks, enabling the operator to improve food safety practices. It will take approximately a year to 14 months to complete a full graded inspection cycle for all of the city’s 24,000 restaurants. Establishments that are found to pose immediate health risks will be closed, and the Health Department will inspect restaurants with B or C grades more often than those receiving A’s, focusing resources on the establishments that need more monitoring. Consumers can review details of inspection results on the Health Department’s improved restaurant inspection website at