The 2018 M&S Summer Softball night league was set to have its best season of its 11-year history. The draft was loaded with all-stars, leaving teams deeper in talent than any league has seen in community history. Each game was broadcasted live, followed by state-of-the-art highlights featuring GoPro camera footage and live commentary. Combined with custom buttoned-down jerseys, the league reached next-level status.

Veteran co-captains, and no strangers to the community softball scene, Ray Esses and Ike Mavorah drafted a dream team featuring superstars Joe Greenberg and JoJo Seruya, and filled the roster to perfection with Elliot Saka, Yossi Abramson, Morris “Mo Kass”, Michael “Melech” Solomon, Jackie “Juber” Haber, Leo Kassin, Abraham Haber, and Jack Bibi.

The season didn’t get off to the great start they had hoped for when GET SCHWIFTY lost three of their first four games. But, the team of destiny took the hard route to the dance, improbably playing themselves into the one game play-in game, followed by the wild card matchup, in both of which GET SCHWIFTY triumphed with character wins.

The top-seeded Holes organization had the option of choosing their opponent and opted for the scalding Schwifty team, as they walked all over them in the regular season. The Holes earned the right with the league’s best record, led by community’s top dog pitcher Max Yedid, fresh off his spring league championship, star shortstop Jonathan Eliezer, and old faithful Isaac “Woody” Dweck. To the surprise of many, GET SCHWIFTY pummeled the Holes with a barrage of hitting, and two stellar pitching performances from their starter Leo Kassin, taking his game to the next level. The sweep was the next step of what was shaping up to be a Cinderella run for the ages.

The 2018 M&S World Series

With Shimshady defeating the Tigers, the stage was set for the 2018 M&S World Series. The World Series would be a best of three matchups between two of the most evenly matched teams in the league. Shimshady, led by Captain Shimi Cohen, veterans Abe Saka, Zack Ashkenazi, Jamie Dweck, and rookie Yaakov Seruya, the community’s newest star showcased on the M&S stage. In last year’s summer classic, the core of this squad lost a heartbreaking Game 3 with the tying run stranded on 2nd. They were back with a purpose, and one goal in mind – take care of unfinished business.

The summer classic lived up to its billing, as in game one GET SCHWIFTY gutted out a 4-2 victory on sensational defense, highlighted by shortstop JoJo Seruya, and clutch hitting by Melech and Elliot Saka. In Game 2 Shimshady came out of the gates swinging, carried by Yaakov Seruya, whose herculean power performance was one for the ages. This paired with lockdown defense led Shady to a game 2 victory with a final score of 8-4.

The Rubber Match

It all came down to one game. “Sudden Death.” Win or go
home – the decisive Game 3. With everything on the line, the two most evenly-matched teams in the league were set to battle it out for summer softball supremacy. In the top half of the first inning, Melech continued his historical postseason run with an RBI single, putting Schwifty up 1-0. Followed by an RBI groundout by speedster Yossi Abramson, Schwifty struck first blood with a 2-0 lead. Several early efforts were snuffed out by stellar defensive playby Mo Kass, who turned three double plays in Game 3, but Shimshady wouldn’t go down quietly.

A few innings later, upstart rookie Eli Siegel ripped a leadoff double, and was driven in by none other than the captain, Shimi Cohen. The next batter, Zack Ashkenazi, hit a frozen rope to right, but a spectacular, lunging effort into foul territory by Elliot Saka limited it to a mere sacrifice fly, driving in a run to tie it up at 2.

As the game moved in to the bottom of the 6th, Elliot Saka once again made his mark by driving home the hustling Melech in what was proving to be the winning run. With GET SCHWIFTY just three outs away from completing the magic carpet ride, Joe Greenberg made a perhaps one of the biggest plays in M&S history with a Superman-like, over-the-shoulder, diving grab of a ball in the left-center gap to hold the score at 3-2. With 2 outs, after 2 errors, Shimshady was able to will men on base with the tying run just 135 feet away. Captain Shimi Cohen would step up to the plate, only to groundout to second base, sealing the World Series victory for GET SCHWIFTY.

Chaos then ensued on the mound as Schwifty swarmed their pitcher, Leo Kassin, in celebration. Going 6 for 10 with 5 runs scored, 4 doubles, 1 triple, and 2 RBIs, JoJo Seruya’s effortsin the field and at the dish were enough to award him with the World Series MVP. GET SCHWIFTY’S Cinderella season was capped by each member hoisting the fabled and storied M&S cup in jubilation.

Awards Ceremony

M&S will be holding its First Annual Awards Ceremony, The M&SPY’S, this coming November in the Synagogue of Deal’s Social Hall. The M&SPY’S will be a catered event, by invitation only, in what will surely be a night to remember for the Syrian softball community.