New York City will soon have the country’s largest public bike sharing system. The new program, which is slated to begin in July in Manhattan and Brooklyn, is being run in collaboration with Citi, which is providing $41 million in funding. Around 10,000 bikes and 600 bike docking stations will be set up, operated by Alta Bicycle Share, and will be available 24/7. The project will create 200 jobs, and will cater to the 50 million annual tourists to NYC, and New Yorkers who need to make short trips. Bike sharing makes transportation more efficient for short trips that are too far to walk. Mastercard is also sponsoring the initiative with $6.5 million. The solar-powered, wireless docking stations can each accommodate between 15 and 60 bikes. Annual membership costs $95, less than the cost of a single monthly unlimited Metro Card. Ten dollar single day memberships and $25 weekly memberships will also be available. Members are entitled to unlimited use of the system for bike trips of up to 45 minutes, with a graduated fee for longer trips.