Though most New Yorkers have yet to feel the effects of the much anticipated economic recovery, life in the Big Apple has already become a lot more expensive than it was just a year ago. Rent in New York City has increased by 5 percent in the last year as an average one-bedroom apartment in a doorman building in Manhattan jumped from $3,360 to $3,529 per month. Meanwhile, the monthly unlimited Metrocard jumped from $89 last year to $104, and the average apartment’s electric bill rose from $65.19 to $72.69. A recent study also found that city residents pay 14 percent more for common supermarket goods than they did in 2010. Finally, like the rest of the country, New Yorkers are paying more for gas, which now averages around $4.21 per gallon, as opposed to $3.08 one year ago. But unlike the other recent increases, gas prices around the country are expected to fall in the coming months.