Klein’s Ice Cream Company has gone retail, opening two new ice cream stores in Brooklyn. The Ice Cream House locations are centrally situated in Borough Park at 3624 15th Avenue (take-out only), and in Flatbush at 1725 Avenue M. The Avenue M location also offers on-premises seating.
Klein’s also has a selection of tangy delights including fruit sorbets in a fruit shell. Yogurts in a variety of sugar free, fat free or low fat in flavors such as cappuccino, pistachio, strawberry, vanilla and chocolate, are also available. In a special promotion, Ice Cream House plans to introduce a new yogurt flavor each week. The Ice Cream House also offers slush, ice cream, sundaes, shakes, parve ice cream and sorbets. Klien’s tefillin cakes and miniatures, which are sold at the stores, are a unique creation, especially well suited for bar missvas.
Ice Cream House is under the supervision of Rabbi Eckstein and is halav Yisrael. For more information, call 718-972-0222.