If you’ve ever had the privilege of traveling to Israel and visiting one of their many famous markets, dubbedshuk in Hebrew, you know that the sensations you feel are amazing and almost overwhelming. The warmth and aroma from the freshly roasted nuts, the visually stunning colors from piled up candies, the excitement of finding high-quality Israeli chocolate, all result in pure childhood joy. Until now you had to travel thousands of miles across the earth to get this experience or beg a friend or family member to bring you back some goodies from their trip to get a taste of it. Luckily, we now have Nuts Factory, located in Bingo Wholesale Store in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

Nuts Factory opened up in June of 2018 and has everything you love about Israeli shuks, with none of the travel and schlep! This family business started years ago in, you guessed it, the wonderful Land of Israel. With 125 locations in Israel to date, the owner’s son, Din Allall, thought it an appropriate next step to open up shop in the United States. Little did he know at the time what excitement and joy it would bring to the area. An authentic taste ofour homeland, in our hometown!

Every single item you find in Nuts Factory is imported from Israel. Therefore, the quality is naturally unmatched by local competitors. The imported nuts are then roasted in-house in special ovens designed years ago by Allall’s grandfather, together with a Turkish engineer. The machines dry roast the nuts and seeds and display them warm so people can literally buy their goods straight from the oven, still warm and very fresh. The nut varieties are seemingly endless, and theyhave salted, unsalted, and honey glazed nuts all fresh for the grabbing!

We New Yorkers take our coffee very seriously and know the value of a freshly roasted coffee bean. Something super distinctive about Nuts Factory is that they take imported, green, raw coffee beans and roast them brown to perfection in the store. They then display them whole, for sale, and will happily grind them up upon request.

A full-blown spice market can also be found within Nuts Factory at Bingo. Also, they display a large variety of gummy and hard candies, pareve and dairy chocolate, fruit teas, seeds, and dried fruits.

Customers flock to Nuts Factory in search of halva, and they are never disappointed by the quality and variety. With ten flavors including vanilla, chocolate,pistachio, and marble, there is really something for everyone.

Each month Nuts Factory imports new and exciting goodies for their customers to choose from. Often, they bring in things that customers ask for, favorites from Israel that they can’t find anywhere else.

A new Bingo Wholesale Store is scheduled to open sometime within the next year in Lakewood, and Nuts Factory is excited that they will be opening up within that location as well!

So, the next time you’re craving a taste of the holy land, think twice about traveling and weighing down your luggage with snacks, and take a ride to Nuts Factory!