On 3 Heshvan 5772/October 31, 2011, Yeshivat Ohel Torah commemorated the yarsseit of one of the pillars of our community, Hacham Murad Faham. Hacham Murad is most famously known for saving the famous Keter Aram Soba from Syria, at great risk to his personal welfare. The Keter Aram Soba is the oldest existing Tanach today, over 1100 years old, and is considered by many to be the most authoritative version of our holy scriptures. In fact, the Rambam used this very text to compile his Hilchot Sefer Torah.

Hacham Murad was a man who all his life looked to strengthen Torah and missvot in many ways. He is also well known for his presence in the famous Midrash Minyan in Shaare Zion, always being the first in and last out. Even today, one can visit the Midrash and listen to the songs of Tehillim being sung between minha and arbit on Shabbat afternoon, a practice which Hacham Murad was instrumental in implementing.


In honor of his yom hillula (anniversary of his passing), Rabbi Marc Sultan, Assistant Principal of Yeshivat Ohel Torah and grandson of Hacham Murad, made a siyum and special festive meal in his memory. In addition, the students were presented with one of the original 12 copies of the Keter Aram Soba, which was the only reward that Hacham Murad took in return for his selfless act. The seuda was donated by the hacham’s daughter, Mrs. Fleurette Sultan, in his memory.