Oorah’s annual Chinese Auctionwill have a new twist this year – the “Donor Decide” program, which allows donors the option to earmark their donation towards whichever of Oorah’s programs they choose. The new option is based on the idea that donors are not just people who give money for Oorah to spend; they are actual partners – and, by extension, decision-makers – in all the kiruv (Jewish outreach) Oorah does. Oorah auction staff believes that there’s no better way to convey that message than by giving donors the power to make the important choice of exactly where their money should go. Whether it’s sponsoring to pay a boy’s yeshiva tuition, funding for TheZone camp, or an extra Mossa’ei Shabbat learning program, there are hundreds of ways to put donations to work. For a complete listing of sponsorship opportunities, check out the Donor Decidesite at www.oorah.org/donordecide.