Pediatricians and parents of overweight children have been found to disagree about what actually happens during doctor visits. A study, published in the journal Academic Pediatrics, found different versions of events when sessions that included weight-management counseling were audiotaped and then compared to parent questionnaires and doctor notes. Parents were found to over report what happened, reporting topics that were not actually included, whereas doctors underreported the counseling about managing food intake and increasing physical activity. Doctors are required to give counseling about serious health problems like obesity. The study found that 90 percent of parents reported discussing weight management during the visits, and the audiotapes recorded such discussions occurring 87 percent of the time, but the doctors only made notes in the chart about the topic 39 percent of the time. Accurate documentation by doctors is necessary because it helps them remember what they spoke about at future visits, and helps them track the progress of goals.