Propel remains steadfast in its mission to support women in the community as they enter the workforce. Our clients are pursuing exciting careers and are expanding their knowledge to be the best they can be in their respective careers.

Propel has recently organized two enrichment courses, computer literacy classes and Hebrew immersion for women pursuing the field of Judaic Studies educators.  Each of these classes is taught by dynamic women in our community – Cookie Setton and Miriam Harary.

Computer Literacy Courses

Cookie vividly recalls her early years as a working woman. Originally, she had her own business designing and producing applique clothing. When styles changed and the business no longer made sense, Cookie needed to re-invent herself.  She took a position as an administrative assistant in a wholesale business. At that time, she had no significant computer skills. Cookie quickly realized that her skills needed sharpening, and she relied on library books to improve. Slowly but surely those skills increased until she acquired a level of proficiency. Today, Cookie is a Google Certified Educator and is experienced in the use of Microsoft Office.

Cookie’s own journey as a computer specialist makes her especially well-suited to teach others, which she does in both individual and group settings. Cookie teaches computer courses at several institutions, including the Sephardic Bikur Holim. Most recently, Cookie joined the Propel team and uses her expertise to move women forward. Her classes include, but are not limited to, basic computer skills, Microsoft Office, and QuickBooks. Cookie attempts to remove the fear associated with computers, and works with each student at a pace that takes the individual learning curve into account. Cookie explains that, “Technology in the workplace is constantly changing, and my lessons must evolve to stay current and make women valuable members of the workforce.” Improving computer skills is essential today. Propel’s clients are benefiting from Cookie’s expertise, and their salaries are rising as their computer mastery increases.

Hebrew Immersion Courses

Always in search of a career that makes sense for community women, Propel collaborated with the Allegra Franco School of Educational Leadership (“AFSEL”), and organized a Hebrew Immersion class in Deal this summer. Miriam Harary, head of the Hebrew Department at Hillel Yeshiva for 30 years, was recruited as the teacher for this summer course. Miriam was the perfect fit for this course. Over a two-week period, Miriam aimed to perfect the quality of Hebrew language spoken by her students.

Miriam used different techniques to encourage her students and improve their language skills. The class read articles, participated in discussions, analyzed songs, and communicated after class with a “WhatsApp Group” in Hebrew. Women with different levels of Hebrew proficiency signed up for the class. The feedback was incredibly positive. By offering this class, Propel and AFSEL are hopeful that more women will consider pursuing a career teaching Judaic subjects in community schools.

Propel is proud to support women in the community and will continue to provide these types of enrichment courses based on the needs of women entering the workforce.

Recap of Summer Events

Propel’s launched a successful Young Leadership Event at the Deal Candy Shop this summer. A special thanks to Jeanette Cohen for hosting at her candy shop, Nina Haber for helping to organize the event, and to our facilitators for the evening, Raquel Shalam, Caroll Dweck, and Francine Shamosh – such inspiring young women!

In August, Propel and Allegra Franco School for Educational Leadership (“AFSEL”) hosted a collaborative event – Finding the Teacher in You! The stories of our three panelists, Frieda Cattan, Rosy Shamah, and Doris Cohen, serve as motivation to all women! Each of the panelists emphasized the incredible – and individualized – manner in which they balance family life and professional demands. Their passion and enthusiasm for their chosen career, and their love for their students are truly inspirational. If you are inspired to pursue a career as a Jewish educator, we hope that you will consider AFSEL and encourage you to connect with Propel for support.


If you are interested in a career, please reach out to PROPEL and we can help you fulfill your professional goal.

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