A Numbers Game

What number comes next in each of these four mathematical sequences?

  1. 6 9          12        15        18        _____
  2. 29 25        21        17        13        ____
  3. 2 4          8          16        32        ____
  4. 13 17        19        23        29        ____

Last Month’s Riddle: Party Mystery

David was going to a party. As he approached, he could see through the window that it was completely packed with people. David went inside only to discover that there wasn’t a single person in there. How could this be?

Solution: Everyone was married!

Solved by: Ikey Gadeh, Belle Gadeh, The Shayo Family, Maurice D., Chaim Grazi, and The Shmulster.

Junior Riddle: Crack The Code


Each letter in the cryptogram below has been replaced by the letter that comes immediately after it in the alphabet. For example, B has replaced A, C has replaced B, and so on throughout the entire alphabet. Can you figure out the message below?

Dpohsbuvmbujpot po efdpejoh uijt tfdsfu nfttbhf.  Zpv bsf b nbtufs tpmwfs!

Last Month’s Junior Riddle: What Am I?

What has a thumb but no fingers and is not living?

Solution: A mitten! 

Solved by: Ikey Gadeh, Belle Gadeh, Sarah Cohen, Fortune Azrak, The Shayo Family, Mark F., Celia Kassin, and Big Mike.