Riddle: Husbands and Wives

Submitted by: Joe Betesh

Three couples are at the bottom floor of a tall building and want to get to the top. The elevator cost $1 to ride in each direction, can only hold two people at a time, and needs at least one person inside to operate. None of the wives can be in the presence of another man, unless her husband is also present. What is the minimum it will cost for all three couples to get to the top?

Riddle: The Upsherin Turn

Four three-year-old Jewish boys, Reuven, Shimon, Levi and Yehuda, come to Meron for their first haircut. They are each asked to select a kippa from among two blue ones and two white ones. The boys do not see what color kippa they have chosen, but Reuven can see Shimon’s and Levi’s, Shimon can see Levi’s and Levi and Yehuda can’t see anyone’s. What are the odds that Reuven will be the first to positively know the color of his own kippa and why?

Solution: Reuven has a 50% chance of being first to be able to positively identify his color.

There is a 50% chance that both Shimon and Levi will end up with an identically colored kippa, and in that case, Reuven will know that his kippa must be the other color. If however, Shimon and Levi each end up with a different colored kippa, then after a short time, Shimon will deduce that since Reuven has not identified his color kippa, it must be that his color kippa is different from Levi and so he will be able to identify his color first.

Solved by: Zalman Cohen, Victor Grazi, Gila Samouha,

Junior Riddle: Devious Denominations

Submitted by: Jojo Tawil

Roslyn hands a sealed envelope with $8 to Paulette. Paulette notices that when she shakes the envelopes she does not hear the rattling of coins inside. But Roslyn maintains that although the envelope contains $8 in American money, there are only two bills inside. How is this possible?

Last Month’s Junior Riddle: Rising Dough

Morris has a special jar that will cause the dough inside it to rise quickly so that it becomes double the size every hour. Dough was placed into the jar at 10:30am and the jar was full at 5:30pm. At what time was the jar half full?

Solution: 4:30pm. Though the halfway point between 10:30am and 5:30pm is 2:00pm, at that point, the jar would be less than 1/8 full.

Solved by: Zalman Cohen, Eliezer Fogel, Eli Khafif, Elliot Levy, Sol Dweck, Azi Malka, Chaim Malka, Victor Grazi, Leah Matatov, Ari Matatov, A.S.K., Trak, Ezra Sitt, Jeremy Stybel

Trivia: This Land is His Land

2 Million: Number of acres of American land owned by the largest individual landowner in the US, Ted Turner.

3: Approximate number of states the size of Rhode Island, that can fit into Mr. Turner’s properties.

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Principal of Truth

Submitted by: Joey Betesh

Some of the students in Mrs. Pammy’s fourth grade class were misbehaving, but she did not know which. So she sent three of the suspected boys to Principal Morris so he could figure it out. Ben said: “We all misbehaved”. Sam said, “Just one of us did not misbehave.” Harold said nothing. Principal Morris knows that misbehaving students never tell the truth and students who behave never lie. Who got detention?

Last Month’s Riddle: Sharon’s Sorbet

Sharon is making her famous sorbet recipe but she can’t find her measuring cups. She has 3 bowls that are all partially filled. The first is an 8 cup bowl has exactly 5 cups of syrup. The second is a 5 cup bow has exactly 3 cups of syrup and the third is a 3 cup bowl has exactly 2 cups of syrup. How can Sharon measure exactly 1 cup of syrup without pouring more than two times?

Solution: Fill the third (3 cup) bowl with one cup from the first (8 cup) bowl. Then simply fill the second (5 cup) bowl with two cups of syrup from the third (3 cup) bowl, leaving only 1 cup in the third (3 cup bowl).
Solved by: Victor Grazi, Ezra Sitt, Haim Soleimani, Yitzy D., Isaac Hamaoui

Junior Riddle: Balancing the Books

Submitted by: Miriam Massre

A balance scale is exactly balanced when there are three books on one side of the scale and one book and a one-half pound weight on the other side. All the books weigh the same amount. How much does each book weigh?

Last Month’s Junior Riddle: Takeout Madness

Morris ordered three hamburgers from the deli, but only one with onions. Each hamburger was packed in a separate bag with a different colored sticker. The one with the blue sticker says “onions”, the one with the yellow sticker says “the burger with the blue sticker has no onions”, and the one with the red sticker says “no onions”. The clerk tells Morris that that at least two of the stickers are wrong. How can Morris figure out which burger has onions without opening the bags.

Solution: The onions must be in the bag with the red sticker, because if it were in any other bag, at least two stickers would be correct.

Solved by: Victor Grazi, Ezra Sitt, Esther Blum, Isaac Hamaoui, Avraham Semah, Morris Esses

Trivia: 20%: Rate of American high school graduates who cannot properly read their own diploma (National Center for Education Statistics).

$23k: Median income for someone with less than a high school degree – less than half the $48k median income for college graduates. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2008)


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