Riddle: The Broken Scale

Submitted by: David Dweck

Mrs. Abadi, Mrs. Beyda and Mrs. Cohen come into the doctor’s office, each with their own pair of identical twin babies. The nurse wants to weigh the babies, but her regular scale is broken and she only has a balance scale with which she can compare the weight of two or more babies. Mrs. Cohen tells the nurse that she is sure that her lighter baby weighs exactly the same as one of the Abadis and one of the Beydas. Mrs. Beyda is also sure that her heavier baby weighs exactly the same as one of the Cohens and one of the Abadis. How can the nurse determine which baby in each set of twins are the lighter ones by using the balance scale only twice?

Last Month’s Riddle: Husbands and Wives

Three couples are at the bottom floor of a tall building and want to get to the top. The elevator cost $1 to ride in each direction, can only hold two people at a time, and needs at least one person inside to operate. None of the wives can be in the presence of another man, unless her husband is also present. What is the minimum it will cost for all three couples to get to the top?

Solution: $11.

One couple goes up ($1) and the husband comes back down ($2). Two wives go up ($3) and one comes back down ($4). The two wives whose husbands are at the top go up ($5) and one of the couples comes back down ($6). Two husbands go up ($7) and the wife at the top comes down ($8). Two wives go up to join their husbands ($9) and the husband whose wife remained at the bottom goes down ($10) to bring his wife up to the top ($11).

Solved by: Ruth Feldman

Junior Riddle: Bizarro Olympics

Submitted by: Jack Cayre

In which sport do winners move backwards and losers move forwards?

Last Month’s Junior Riddle: Devious Denominations

Roslyn hands a sealed envelope with $8 to Paulette. Paulette notices that when she shakes the envelopes she does not hear the rattling of coins inside. But Roslyn maintains that although the envelope contains $8 in American money, there are only two bills inside. How is this possible?

Solution: Roslyn has a $5 bill, a $2 bill and a $1 coin – which by itself would not make any rattling sound inside the envelope.

Solved by: Pace Chesir, Shlomi Yousopov, Ari Matatov, Zalman Cohen, Victor Grazi, Ralph Cohen, Paulette Cohen, Eddie Cohen, Joey Husney

Trivia: Mr. Golden Sun

3.5 Million: Number of skin cancer cases diagnosed annually in the US – more than the combined incidence of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and colon. (Sources: Archives of Dermatology 2010 & American Cancer Society)

90 : Percent of non-melanoma skin cancers associated with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. (Source: Melanoma Research 1993)/main2872466.shtml

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Riddle: Sharon’s Sorbet

Submitted by: Isaac Sutton

Sharon is making her famous sorbet recipe but she can’t find her measuring cups. She has 3 bowls that are all partially filled. The first is an 8 cup bowl has exactly 5 cups of syrup. The second is a 5 cup bow has exactly 3 cups of syrup and the third is a 3 cup bowl has exactly 2 cups of syrup. How can Sharon measure exactly 1 cup of syrup without pouring more than two times?

Last Month’s Riddle: A Heavy Pill

Morris has eight unmarked bottles, each of them containing 48 identical looking pills. Five of these bottles contain only Tylenol, the rest of them contain sugar pills. Sugar pills weigh 1 milligram less than the 325 milligram Tylenol pills. Morris does not know which bottles have sugar pills and which bottles have Tylenol. Using a highly accurate digital scale only once, and the fewest pills, how can Morris identify the bottles containing the sugar pills?

Solution: Label each bottle one through eight. Take out no pills from the first bottle, 1 from the second, 2, 4, 7, 13, 24, and 44 from the third through eighth bottles respectively and weigh all 95 pills. Based on the number of milligrams short of 30,875 in the total (which could range between 3 and 81), we can calculate which bottles contain sugar pills.

Solved by: Victor Grazi, Morris Esses

Junior Riddle: Takeout Madness

Submitted by: Joe Levy

Morris ordered three hamburgers from the deli, but only one with onions. Each hamburger was packed in a separate bag with a different colored sticker. The one with the blue sticker says “onions”, the one with the yellow sticker says “the burger with the blue sticker has no onions”, and the one with the red sticker says “no onions”. The clerk tells Morris that that at least two of the stickers are wrong. How can Morris figure out which burger has onions without opening the bags.

Last Month’s Junior Riddle: Hair Raising Lifestyle

Indonesia and Malaysia are neighboring countries. Both populations generally eat lots of rice, enjoy spicy foods and live close to the equator. But the average Malaysian is richer than the average Indonesian. So why are there more bald men in Indonesia than in Malaysia?

Solution: Because there many more Indonesian men (approximately 119,507,580 males) than Malaysian men (approximately 14,112,667 males).

Solved by: Zalman Cohen, Ralph Cohen

Trivia: Barbeque Bites

27,000: Calories ingested at barbeques by the average person each summer – 9 meals containing about 3,000 calories each. (Source: Boots аnԁ thе Tony Ferguson Weightloss Programme)

40½: Number of miles a woman would need to walk to burn the extra calories from a single barbeque. (Source: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise)


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