Riddle: Dual Agency
Submitted by: Isaac Sutton
Morris went to look at a house for sale. The house was represented by two agents, one was from Emet Real Estate and he only spoke the truth, the other was from Sheker Real Estate and he always lied. Not knowing which agent was which, Morris asked one of them if the house had termites. The agent answered, “I guarantee that there are no termites in this house or else I am not an honest man.”
What should Morris believe?
Last Month’s Riddle: Charged Up Chariots
Pharaoh’s chariots travelled half way through the Sea of Reeds at the speed of 30 km/hour, how fast do they have to go for the rest of the way to have the average speed of the entire way 60 km/hour?
Solution: Barring a disruption in the fabric of space-time, it is not possible to achieve the desired average speed under the given circumstances.
Solved by: Yehuda Yarmish, Ray Miz, Haim Soleimani, Pace Chesir, Victor Grazi
Junior Riddle: Moving Day
The Masters family is moving to a new house. They have a pet dog, cat, and mouse. The animals do not get along in the car and must be brought to the new house one at a time. However, they can’t leave the dog alone with the cat, because the dog chases the cat if no one is watching. And they can’t leave the cat and the mouse together, because…well, you know what would happen if they did. How can the Masters family transfer all three pets to their new house?
Last Month’s Junior Riddle: Egyptian Illusions
64 Egyptian magicians faced off in separate one-on-one contests to determine who was best. If a magician lost a match, he was immediately eliminated from the contest. How many matches were played to determine the winner?
Solution: 63
Solved by: Isaac Chehebar, Joseph A. Chehebar, Ricky Tawil, Pace Chesir, Victor Grazi, Shlomi Yousopv, Ari Matatov, Ezra Sitt
$3,750,000: The asking annual rent for a 2500 square foot retail store on 5th Avenue from 50th-59th St.
(Source: City-Data.com)
50: The number of stores the same size on Kings Highway which could be rented for the same price.
(Sources: MSN, LoopNet)
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Riddle: Bogus Gummy Bears

Submitted by: Isaac Gindi

Real gummy bears weigh 10 grams, while imitation gummy bears weight 9 grams. David has 7 jumbo cartons of gummy bears, 4 of which contain real gummy bears, the others imitation. Using a scale only once and the minimum number of gummy bears, how can David determine which cartons contain real gummy bears?

Last Month’s Riddle: Voluntary Segregation

A group of 80 people are given hats to wear that are either white or black. Each person does not know the color of his or her own hat, but they can see the colors of everyone else’s hats. The people must then separate themselves into separate groups of white hat wearers and black hats wearers.  Each person can only decide which for himself or herself which group to join and may not direct others. Using only logic (and no cheap mirror tricks or signals, how do they know to separate?

Solution: Person 1 and 2 separate from the crowd to start a new group. If their hats match, person 3 comes to join their group. With this, persons 1 and 2 will know they have matching hats. This If person 3’s hat is different from person 1 and 2’s they leave him and together form a new group. Person 3 will then know his hat color as well. If person 1 and 2 did not have matching hats in the first place, person 3 would start his own group instead of walking to them. Persons 1 and 2 would then understand that they do not have matching hats, learning the color of their own hat in the process. The applicable person will then join person 3 in the other group. Persons 4-80 will then one by one join one of the groups. If the groups walk away, they will know to join the other group.

Solved by: H. Soleimani, Tikva H.

Junior Riddle: Chicken Wing Shortage

Submitted by: David Cohen

An ancient farmer had 17 chickens, and all but 9 died. How many chicken wings were left after subtracting the number of chickens Moses took on the ark?

Last Month’s Junior Riddle: The Baseball Mystery

During a world series game, the bases were loaded with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning with the score tied at zero. After taking three balls and two strikes, the batter hit a long fly ball that sailed over the centerfield wall. The home team won the game, but no man scored, and no man was out. How is this possible?

Solution: It was a women’s baseball league.

Solved by: Abraham Kassin, Marisa Cohen, Michelle Massre, Michael Stein, Zalman Cohen, Michelle Sutton


5: Number of separate chemicals in chocolate which react with the brain and make the smooth brown substance the most addictive food according to some scientists. (Dr. Ronald Cohen)

20: Percent of drug users addicted to food, which is far lower than the 34 percent of American adults who are obese, suggesting that food is more addictive than drugs. (National Institute on Drug Abuse)

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