Inthe sleepy town of Deal, NJ an amazing thing happened last month. While competing in the J.S.O.B. (Jersey Shore Orthodox Bowling) Winter Bowling League, a 24-year-old rookie bowler had quite an exceptional evening. His name is Robby Tal, and he bowled the game of a lifetime.

Robby opened the third game of the evening with eight straight strikes. Word gradually spread throughout the bowling alley of Robby’s accomplishment, and fellow bowlers started to gather around ever so quietly anticipating Robby’s next frame.

With a crowd of anxious viewers behind him, Robby tiptoed to the line and calmly bowled another strike.


Now, all the people in the building are on their feet waiting to see if Robby can do something that has never been done before in the history of J.S.O.B. – bowl a perfect game.

The 10th frame comes, and Robby has the opportunity to throw three balls.

Robby throws another strike with the first ball of the frame. The crowd is cheering wildly as if they were witnessing a pitcher throwing a no-hitter in a World Series game.

Robby needs to throw two more strikes to bowl a perfect game, which is a score of 300.

Robby settles himself down as he prepares to throw the next ball. Robby concentrates, breathes deeply, and calmly throws yet another strike. That’s 11 strikes in a row!
At this point, the crowd is going crazy – they can’t believe their eyes.

One more ball left – with only 10 more
pins standing between Robby and a perfect game.

As Robby releases the final ball, you could hear a pin drop at the alley. As the ball rolls closer to the pins, you can just feel the excitement in the air, and when the ball finally hits the pins, the entire crowd erupts in cheers. But there was one stubborn pin that just did not want to go down – that’s right, there was one pin left standing…

Final score: a whopping 299!!!

An amazing accomplishment by a truly gifted athlete.

Despite the cold, quiet winter nights, the J.S.O.B. Winter Bowling League has managed to make some noise in Deal. They recently joined forces with Deal Sephardic Network (DSN), and under DSN’s leadership, the winter bowling league increased from 12 teams to full capacity –
16 teams. “We had to turn away teams because we were sold out!” exclaimed league spokesperson Albert Hakim.

With amazing bowling feats such as the one Robby Tal exhibited – Deal will soon no longer be thought of as the sleepy little town in NJ!

We are proud to honor Robby Tal as this month’s Sportsman of the Month.

Congratulations  Robby!