Now that the school year has come to a close, Community Magazineextends the sincerest of congratulations to our yeshivot’s top students. All of the young men and women featured here have displayed not just academic excellence, but sterling character traits – intelligence and middotbefitting a true Benor
Bat Yisrael. We salute their accomplishments!

Hillel Yeshivah High School

Elliot Alboucai


Elliot Alboucai’s keen intelligence and thirst for knowledge have enhanced each of his classes at Hillel, and his commitment to improving his school and community have impacted both for the better. As vice president of Student Council this year, Elliot was instrumental inhelping plan and implement a most meaningful and exciting seminar, “Unplugged.” Elliot’s heart is huge, as exemplified in his continuous efforts to raise money for victims of terror through the organization “Ball for Israel.” He also was a dynamic captainfor the Disney Princess Half Marathon and he helped raise thousands of dollars for Sephardic Bikur Holim.

Elliot has served as captain of the College Bowl team, as a member of the basketball team, and for the past four years, as a participant in Hillel’s Leadership Academy. Elliot feels that Leadership Academy has taught him priceless skills that will assist him in becoming a future leader in our community.

When asked what makes Hillel unique, Elliot stated, “Hillel’s small class sizes really allow for the creation of such special bonds between each student and their teachers. The amount of attention that each teacher is able to give every student in the class really helps create a positive learning environment.” Next year Elliot will be attending YeshivaUniversity’s Sy Syms School of Business as an Honors student.

David Cohen


David Cohen’s astute mind and enthusiasm for learning Torah and general studies have been enjoyed by both teachers and students alike. He brings this same energy for academics to his extracurricular pursuits as well. David has excelled on Hillel’s Tennis and Softball teams, and this year ran a very intense and successful high school Dodgeball Tournament.  He has participated in College Bowl, AIPAC, Coding Club, Leadership Academy, and the Ambassador Program. This year he did an outstanding job as Yearbook Editor-in-Chief. His commitment to hesedis exhibited in his being president of both Sephardic Bikur Holim Youth and Deal Sephardic Network Youth.  He also has participated in the very important work of the Hand in Hand program for two years. What David will remember most about Hillel though is “how strong the bonds are between students and other students and between students and teachers. The small size of Hillel really makes it unique because it allows students and teachers to become so close to one another and the school becomes one big family.” Next year David will be attending New York University Stern School of Business.

Yeshivat Darche Eres (YDE)

Yeshivat Darche Eres (YDE)

Gabriel Bildirici


Gabriel Bildirici is a shining example of the best thatYDE H.S. has to offer. A dignified, modest, and distinguished young man, Gabriel is a gifted student who has achieved the highest academic level in both Judaic and secular subjects. Gabriel can be found in the Bet Midrashat all hours, learning in depth, and striving towards clarity and understanding. Aside from his rigorous schedule of Torah learning, Gabriel has taken numerous Advanced Placement and High Honors courses across the curriculum. Gabriel is Editor-in-Chief of our Yearbook and is a peer tutor to younger students. Many have excelled in courses in which Gabriel tutored them. Additionally, Gabriel is a winning participant on the Mathematics Team and has been its Captain for the past two years. He has been awarded a New York State Education Department Scholarship for Academic Excellence. Gabriel has been accepted to Columbia University, and will start his post high school experience learning in Israel. He is well prepared for both pursuits, and we congratulate him on his outstanding achievements. Gabriel is the son of Mrs. Sandra and Mr. David Bildirici.

Daniel Hirsch


Daniel Hirsch is an extremely intelligent, polite, and respectful young man, and is an outstanding graduate. Daniel is known for his tenacious persistence in finding the “emet”of the Torah that he is learning, and he will not rest until he has successfully achieved a true understanding of the sugya. Daniel is also very involved in mentoring and helping younger students with their learning, and is admired as a role model in middot. He has earned “Student of the Month” awards in all his classes, excelling in both Judaic and secular subjects. Daniel has taken Advanced Placement classes in Calculus AB and Calculus BC and high honors classes in all subjects. At YDE H.S., Daniel has been involved in robotics and STEM research, and has participated in the CIJE science competitions. He is captain of the Hockey Team, and in the little free time he has, he enjoys playing piano. He has been awarded the prestigious Scholarship for Academic Excellence from the New York State Department of Education. Daniel has been accepted at Macaulay Honors College in Brooklyn College, to pursue pre-med studies, with future plans to attend medical school. He wishes to follow in his father’s and brother’s footsteps to become a doctor. Daniel will begin his post high school experience in Israel studying in yeshiva. Daniel is the son of Mrs. Paulette and Dr. Jonathan Hirsch.

Ilan High School

Rebecca Tawil

Intelligence and perseverance, leadership and a love of learning mesh to create a student who seeks to achieve great heights. Rebecca’s commitment to academic and spiritual growth has engendered remarkable success and has earned her the admiration of her peers. Rebecca’s many talents and strong sense of responsibility have greatly enhanced the classrooms and programs at Ilan. Taking a rigorous course load which included five AP Courses such as AP Calculus and AP Biology as well as High Honors Chumashand Navi, Rebecca embraces a challenge and has lived up to her own high expectations. Rebecca is the most deserving recipient of Ilan High School’s Valedictory Award.
We wish her the best of luck in Touro Honors next year.

Avigayil Scheiner

With her astute mind, intellectual curiosity, and strong leadership qualities, Avigayil strove for success with determination and enthusiasm. Her dignified manner, unassuming nature, and dedication to Torah values enabled Avigayil to synthesize classroom learning with real life application. A student of five AP Courses as well as High Honors Chumashand Navi, and head of Ilan’s debate team, Avigayil has brought excitement for learning and inquisitiveness into the classrooms and extra-curricular programs in school. Ilan High School is proud to present Avigayil with the Valedictory Award, recognizing her impressive academic accomplishments. We wish her the best of luck in Shaalvim Seminary in Jerusalem and Stern College after that.

Mary Salem

Mary’s analytical mind, thirst forknowledge, and perseverance have propelled her to academic success. Her disciplined approach to learning, creativity, and refined character has earned Mary the respect and admiration of all who know her. Taking all the most challenging courses including five AP classes and High Honors Chumashand Navi and as a beloved and talented member of the championship Ilan Invaders, Mary is a multi-talented individual who has strived for excellence in all her endeavors. Ilan High School is proud to present Mary with the Salutatory Award in recognition of meritorious effort and prodigious achievement in her studies.

Yeshivat Darche Eres (YDE)

Saul J. Kassin High School for Boys

David Bassoul


David Bassoul, YDE
co-Salutatorian, has excelled in all courses across the YDE curriculum, in both Judaic and secular studies. David is humble, modest, and unassuming, and behind his warm and genuine smile lies a curious mind that delves into the gemara and all his Torah studies. David somehow finds time to be fully involved in Torah, as well as complicated theories in Advanced Placement and High Honors courses. David has been on the Principal’s Honor Roll and is a member of the Honor Society. He is deeply connected to his community and likes to help others with great enthusiasm and in a meaningful way. He is always available to assist anyone who needs help. David will start his post high school experience learning in Israel. We are certain that with YDE High School behind him David has the tools to reach great success in his future. David is the son of Mrs. Becky and Dr. Nissim Bassoul.

Morris Lati


This fall, Morris will attend New York University’s Stern School of Business, where he plans to study Financial Economics. Morris will be well prepared to attend NYU, having taken courses at YDE in Business Management, Government, Economicsand Calculus, among others. Morris has been an outstanding memberof both the Junior and Senior Divisions of the Honor Society and was a top scorer on the New York City Interscholastic Math League. His grade point average in both Judaic and secular subjects has been outstanding. Morris has combined his love of learning Torah, science, and sports by being a member of the STEM Team and the YDE Tennis Team. A good friend, and one who cares deeply about the welfare of others, Morris volunteered last summer at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, in the ”transport” division. He has been awarded a New York State Education Department Scholarship for Academic Excellence.
Morris is the son of Mrs. Bella and Mr. Raymond Lati.