Mr. Isaac Kadare a.h., a long-time congregant of Bnai Yosef Torah Center and Ahaba v’Ahva, was known for his unique kindness and sensitivity, and for the smile that was an almost constant fixture on his face. His life of joy, Torah and benevolence ended in tragedy on August 2, 2012, when he was senselessly shot to death by Salvatore Perrone. Perrone was identified and arrested by the NYPD on November 21, 2012 following an intensive investigation. Perrone is accused of gunning down three store owners of Middle Eastern descent throughout Brooklyn over the course of several months.

Isaac Kadare was born on August 10, 1952 in Cairo, Egypt. He was the only boy in a family of seven. He came to Israel in 1957, and from 1971 to 1976, he served as a member of the Israeli Air Force. He came to America in the summer of 1979 and married Nurit Khodari on January 8, 1983. Always known as a family man, Isaac was a loving, devoted father of four children – Esther, Clemie, Mark and Rachel. In 1986, he opened a baby furniture business. Isaac was selflessly devoted to community causes, and frequently donated merchandise to Chinese auctions and gave free strollers to newcomers to the community. When people asked him to help rebuild their old cribs for their next child, he would sometimes give them a new one, instead.

Isaac was also a serious and devoted student of Torah. He attended classes every day at Bnai Yosef, learning under Rabbi Uziel Admoni for 10 years, and would often make a point of serving coffee to his fellow students. Isaac also attended Rabbi Eli Mansour’s classes on Shabbat afternoons, and taught two boys at Bnai Yosef. On the night of his murder, Mr. Kadare was planning to attend a class at Bnei Benyamin, and had already packed his van with soda and cookies for the participants. Mr. Kadare also generously sponsored yeshiva boys both in Israel and in America. On more than one occasion, he was seen with tears in his eyes after hearing emotional stories, an expression of his uniquely sensitive and compassionate soul.

The memory of Mr. Isaac Kadare a.h. is now being honored through a Sefer Torah dedication organized by Rabbi Admoni. Rabbi Admoni described Mr. Kadare as a very sensitive person, who was always in tune with the emotions of other people, knew just how to make other people smile, and was committed to obeying the dictates of Torah, regardless of the cost or difficulty entailed. The Torah dedication is seen as an opportunity for those who knew and loved Mr. Kadare to pay tribute to this remarkably giving person. Several letters of the Torah will be written by rabbis from Israel, who will also grant their blessings to sponsors. At the funeral in Israel, Rabbi Admoni promised to dedicate a Sefer Torah in Mr. Kadare’s memory. For more information about contributing to the dedication, contact Rabbi Admoni at 718-419-6703.