The safe, convenient, live, interactive video-conferencing program, known as ShidduchVision, through which any shomer Shabbat single worldwide can ‘meet’ any other shomer Shabbat single through video-conferencing, is looking for hosts.
The ShidduchVision system uses sophisticated commercial video conferencing technology to simulate a professional and controlled studio environment, in virtually any private home. All possible precautions are taken to protect the seniut and sensitivity of the process.
Becoming a host for ShidduchVision is both a privilege and a serious commitment. Unlike some other types of singles-meeting programs, ShidduchVision has implemented strict guidelines in order to preserve the dignity of the program, to uphold all issues of seniut, and lift the process to the highest levels of kedusha (holiness) – as befits this sensitive activity. As a result, ShidduchVision is also a great way for matchmakers to meet and get to know singles in cities other than their own. The organization is now reaching out to local rabbis for assistance in selecting appropriate hosts for this worthy cause. For more information, contact 877-987-VISION or visit