By: David Silverberg

For over five years, visitors to Community Magazine’s website ( were treated to a complete version of the print magazine. But this month, the first phase of a major site redesign is being unveiled, adding a slick new interface and many key user-requested features.
For longtime users of the site’s downloadable digital version in the universal PDF format, the good news is that this feature remains in the new site. But now, readers can also access all the magazine’s editorial content each month directly in HTML format, without a lengthy download.
Search, Read, Save, and Share
Community’s website is welcome news for those who like to cut out their favorite articles each month and file them for future reference. Now, instead of clipping and filing, you can save digital files onto your computer with the click of the mouse. If you have a recipe folder on your home computer, for example, you can easily save Community’s scrumptious recipes each month directly into your folder for safe keeping.
The new on-line magazine also allows readers to share articles of interest more easily with their family and friends. Do you have a friend who you think will be inspired by Rabbi Mansour’s feature article? Just send them a link the article (or a few articles) by e-mail.
“We always hear how much our readership values the material in Community,” says Executive Editor Jack Cohen. “We are thrilled to take this significant step to enhance the readability of the magazine on-line.”
Additionally, all the magazine’s contents are searchable and listed in a clear table of contents, allowing you to jump straight to the article of your choice without any page-flipping. Check the website often to get a head start on next month’s issue and keep abreast of the latest additions to the magazine’s ever expanding menu of stimulating and enjoyable content.
Expanding Horizons – For Businesses and Patrons Alike
The new virtual Community also promises to qualitatively enhance the magazine’s commercial contribution to the Jewish community. Since its inception, Community has played a vital role in bringing businesses and customers together. Businesses have come to rely on Community as an effective medium for reaching thousands of customers across the spectrum of Orthodox Jewry, and consumers look to the magazine as an invaluable source of information about the best and latest goods and services available to them. Now, has connected consumers with providers like never before, with the convenience to search from among the magazine’s hundreds of advertisers right from the homepage. Advertiser are neatly divided by category, in a clear, easy-to-use directory to ensure quick and easy access. Community’s readers have always trusted the magazine to direct them to the highest quality products and services. Now, finding just what you need has never been easier.
Your Community in Cyberspace is far now more than just an on-line magazine. It is your source of information for anything involving the Sephardic community.
The site offers a comprehensive resource page, bringing to your screen a wide range of important communal institutions. Here you can find information about the community’s synagogues, schools, charities, mikvehs, and other organizations of note. The on-line community calendar keeps you updated on important communal events and functions, so you’ll always know what’s taking place, where and when.
“One of the things that make our community special is the high level of involvement among its members,” Mr. Cohen proudly observes. “The magazine is doing its part to facilitate continued, active participation, by providing everyone with the information they need about what’s happening throughout the community.”
Community’s Interactive Experience
The magazine’s new website also makes it easier to communicate with the magazine. Whether it’s subscription or advertising information, submitting riddles, letters, or jokes, or answering the riddle – it’s all just a click away at Go to the site to ask Sito to help with a personal dilemma you are facing. Do you have a useful tip to submit to the Shaatra files? Send it on-line instantly.
Visitors to the site are also invited to subscribe to the magazine’s regular updates and announcements. And fun user polls posted on the homepage allow you to voice your opinion and see what others are saying about the magazine and topics of interest.
The site’s design and function are a credit to the professional, dedicated work of Alex Paskie and his staff at BlueSwitch Technology Solutions. BlueSwitch is already working on the next phases of the site which will include more interactive features for a richer experience.
“Like any community service,” Mr. Cohen concludes, “we are always looking to improve and upgrade the benefits we provide for our clientele. We are confident that the new site features will be of great use to all members of our community – and to untold numbers of Jewish readers worldwide.”