By: Dave Gordon

Old fashioned police sirens are on their way out, making way for the Rumbler, a low-frequency sound wave that can be felt by pedestrians as well as drivers up to 200 feet away. The new device being used by New York city police in their squad cars is so designed to ensure that those gabbing on their cell, or listening to an ipod, or those deafened by a bottleneck jam of honking horns can “feel” the cops coming, and thus have no excuse not to pull over. The department said that 155 cars were fitted with the Rumbler last month spanning lower Manhattan to Midtown. Departments in Virgina, Washington, and Kansas already have Rumblers, according to Tom Morgan of Federal Signal, a leading siren supplier. It works like a bass-heavy boom-box, sending out vibrations through two woofers. The company has an explicit warning that “the siren and speakers may cause hearing damage” to anyone exposed to them on a daily basis.