Residents of Brooklyn and Queens were given an opportunity to choose their favorite of four designs for the long-awaited replacement for the Kosciuszko Bridge, by New York State’s Department of Transportation. The project, which includes widening the bridge from six to nine lanes, adding a shoulder and a bike lane, and eliminating the notorious steep incline, will help ease traffic on the constantly gridlocked bridge which is used by 160,000 drivers daily.

Residents voted in favor of a sleek cable-stayed structure, a modern take on the Brooklyn Bridge. Other options included a crescent bridge, a box girder, and a highway-like deck arch. Officials promised that the community votes would be part of the state’s final decision. The $1 billion needed to finish construction is already lined up through federal funding, and the tentative completion date is 2017.

The refurbishment will allow the now 60-year-old span to last another century. Bridge’s tongue twisting moniker, Kosciuszko (pronounced “coss-key-os-co”), is named for a Polish general in the American Revolutionary War.